This Vine Star Narrates Random Peoples' Lives And It's Absolutely Hilarious

10 December 2014, 11:37 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Ice Cream Vine

By Jason Gregory

Introducing the King of Vine.

Thomas Sanders posts a lot of really funny and silly things on Vine, but the series where he narrates random peoples' lives is on a whole other level.

There's that time that he spotted a couple who just looked like they should be kissing and this happened.

There's that time when he literally swept a woman off her feet.


Want some of my ice cream, mum?

There was that time outside a cafe where he managed to convince a girl that her boyfriend was about to propose and things got awkward.

And he also managed to make this woman (and her daughter) believe that kicking a vending machine would dispense a free movie.

Always remember: in every group of friends there's a dumb friend.

There was that time he spotted this group of ladies and totally knew what they were up to.

Oh dad, you're so embarrassing.

Seriously dad, WTF?

And then that time when Thomas stumbled across a blossoming romance and well, this happened.

If you want to see even more of this incredible series, here's a compilation of all of Thomas' best Vines.

And here's Thomas Sanders on Vine. He'a amazing. Go follow him.

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