This Hilarious Parody Twitter Account Sums Up Basically Every Single YA Novel

2 March 2015, 17:18 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Insurgent TRAILER - Fight Back (2015) - Shailene Woodley, Miles Teller HD


Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Ooops. I spilled my nutrition.

The YA genre, by nature, is kind of really intense. Girl comes of age, has to be sorted into some societal subgroup, realises she's "different" and probably rips her grey running away from authority. The dystopian future is kind of a scary place. 

The good news is that Divergent is getting a snazzy new sequal and with that comes a lot of questions. What will happen to Tris and Four? Will they win the war to protect Divergents everywhere? Will the sex scene be as awkward as we think?

While we mull that over we'll be consulting our favourite YA novel parody twitter to try and stave off the actual anxiety leading up to Insurgent.

Dystopian YA is a parody account on twitter that tweets all the most recognisable movie tropes from our favourite films based on YA novels (think Maze Runner, Divergent, The Hunger Games). 

The hilarity lies in the fact that most people will have remarked all of these tweets to themselves sarcastically at some point while watching these films about "sorting" and "divergents". 


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