Video Proof That Listening To Taylor Swift At Work Will Increase Productivity By Many Many Percent

13 January 2015, 12:39 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

taylor swift

By Jacqueline Bowerman

Many, many percent.

The video is captioned, "This is what happens when I let my employees listen to music in the morning".

The clip appears to feature employees of West Coast sandwich outlet TOGO'S "Great Sandwiches Since 1971". And we're betting any sandwiches made by the hand of these happy employees will taste invariably more delicious than any sandwich made by employees not listening to Taylor Swift. How could this not be true. 

Evidence of TS increasing work productivity on Twitter:

On busy Mondays.

Out on the courts.

For general impetus. 

Even people who don't like Taylor Swift are motivated by her.

 There you have it, listening to Taylor Swift will make you more productive. It's scientifically proven. Send this to your boss/college professor immediately.

(via tumblr)

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