Troye Sivan Is A Precious Baby Who Will Consume Your Soul

27 August 2015, 14:56 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Troye Sivan is cute
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

You have been warned.

Troye Sivan's WILD EP is mere days away and we have taken to pacing the room(s) in anticipation of what will surely usher in the golden era of our lives. 

We're tres excited to hear the new music, but we're also sitting here remembering all the times he consumed the hell out of our soul. 

Like all the times he winked into the camera and it consumed our soul.

Or when he was ready to party and his party face consumed our soul.  

One time he spread Nutella on his face and we were surprised to find that our soul had been consumed.  

His precious baby jazz hands have have been known to cause the consumption of our soul.

And his perfect quiff has had a significant impact on the ratio of consumed versus non-consumed souls. 

Troye's dance moves? Forget about it. Soul consumed.

And you know he's on his computer, sitting there, thinking of things that will consume our souls. 

You just know he is aware that we are all sitting here completely consumed. 

Even when you're at the store and "Happy Little Pill" comes on and you actually lose your mind because...soul has been consumed etc etc. 

So when someone tries to interrupt your soul consumption by saying there is someone better than Troye (which, I mean, no). 


To be honest, the only time we're not obsessing about Troye is when we're asleep. And even then...(REM soul consumption)