13 Reasons Why fans are outraged by Bryce and Ani’s relationship in season 3

28 August 2019, 17:38

By Sam Prance

Bryce and Ani's storyline in 13 Reasons Why season 3 is causing controversy.

13 Reasons Why viewers are calling out season 3 of the Netflix series for Bryce's relationship with new character Ani.

It's no secret that Bryce Walker (Justin Prentice) is the most disliked character on 13 Reasons Why. Not only did he rape two of the show's main characters in season 1 (Hannah and Jessica) but he also raped his season 2 girlfriend (Chlöe) as well. To make things even worse, he never received any significant punishment for his crimes. In season 3, Bryce is killed. However, as the show uncovers who murdered him, he gets a controversial redemption arc and viewers aren't impressed.

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To make things worse, Bryce's relationship with Ani Achola (Grace Saif) is outraging fans of the teen drama.


13 Reasons Why fans are outraged by Bryce and Ani's relationship in season 3
13 Reasons Why fans are outraged by Bryce and Ani's relationship in season 3. Picture: Netflix

Ani joins 13 Reasons Why season 3 as a new student at Liberty High and quickly befriends Clay. There's a catch though. Ani lives in Bryce's family guest house because her mum works as a carer for Bryce's ill grandfather. In flashbacks, we see that Ani becomes close to Bryce. The two characters strike up a friendship, even though Ani is good friends with Jessica and finds out what Bryce did to Jessica and Hannah.

It isn't long before the relationship turns romantic. After spending time together, Ani and Bryce quickly develop feelings for each other and it soon leads to them kissing and becoming love interests. They have consensual sex together multiple times. It's clear that Ani feels conflicted about it (she doesn't tell anyone she's seeing Bryce).

We later see Bryce forcefully grab Ani by the arm and, while it doesn't lead to him raping her, it's uncomfortable to say the least. Ani and Bryce's situationship eventually fizzles out but it doesn't change the fact that she chose to have a sexual relationship with him, despite of his actions. She essentially becomes a rape apologist.

Unsurprisingly, reaction to the storyline has been overwhelmingly negative.

As it stands, the cast of 13 Reasons Why are yet to respond to the backlash to the storyline. Grace Saif, who plays Ani has experience a lot of online vitriol though and it's important to assert that she is not her character and does not deserve this bullying.

What did you think of Bryce and Ani's relationship?