The Cast of '13 Reasons Why' Had Their House Robbed During Season 2 Filming

24 May 2018, 16:36

13 Reasons Why Alisha Boe And Brandon Flynn
13 Reasons Why Alisha Boe And Brandon Flynn. Picture: Netflix
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

“Oh my god. Somebody’s. Been. In. Our. Home.”

13 Reasons Why's Alisha Boe recently sat down with her co-star Brandon Flynn to interview him about season two and inadvertently revealed that their house got robbed while filming the latest season.

The anecdote begins after Alisha and Brandon joke about being asked for 'behind the scenes' stories on set by journalists all the time. Then Brandon, who plays Justin Foley on the show, mentions that he can only the remember stories that happen off-set "like when our house got robbed".

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Turns out that Alisha, who plays Jessica Davis, lived with Brandon while filming the show (in fact, they might even still live together - we're not entirely clear). After a day which involved hitting the gym, heading to Taco Bell and finishing with a light spot of karaoke in the evening, they returned home and Brandon noticed that a few things were missing.

Alisa Boe recalls: "And you [asked], “Alisha… where’s your laptop?” And I was like, “It should be plugged into the TV.” Then there’s this slow realisation… I go into my room and I’m like, “Oh my god. Somebody’s. Been. In. Our. Home.” And we start laughing. Then, over the span of fifteen minutes, it slowly turns into, “Oh my god, our house got robbed. Oh my god” So we call the police and this lady comes in."

Earlier they had thought Alisha had lost her car keys. They then realise the person who robbed the flat must have taken the keys, so when the police arrive Brandon explains to them what happened. "This happened and our house was robbed and all the windows are cracked open, like they’re going to come back… they’ve stolen Alisha’s car keys.” Turns out, the police were a little more concerned with recognising them off 13 Reasons Why.

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"And she’s like, “You guys are from that show riiight?” says Alisha. "And we’re like, “When does it end?! When does it end?!” [laughs] And then I have work the next morning and I take all the air out of my tyres, because they have my car keys at this point, I don’t have a spare. So I take out all the air hoping that they won’t come back and steal it. I’m at work for maybe six hours, I had a short day, I come back, my car is gone. My car is gone. [Brandon laughing]. And a week later it shows up a couple of blocks down from our house, and there are just cigarette butts everywhere, my car was trashed."

Jesus! That's kinda fucked up. Glad Alisha and Brandon can see the funny side of it now. Moral of the story: never lose your keys, folks.