Where Is "13 Reasons Why" Season 2 Filmed?

18 May 2018, 15:43 | Updated: 18 May 2018, 15:46

13 Reasons Why Filming Locations
Picture: Netflix

By Katie Louise Smith

The Netflix show is shot on location in Northern California, which means you can visit most of the places in the show in real life.

Netflix's 13 Reasons Why will be back on our screens later this year and to pass the time, we've been rewatching season one to prepare ourselves for the next chapter in Hannah Baker's story. But during our rewatch, we couldn't help but wonder: where is 13 Reasons Why actually set? And can you actually visit the same places that Hannah and Clay hit up in the show?

13 Reasons Why takes place in the fictional American town of Crestmont - it's actual location is never revealed in the book or the show. But according to author Jay Asher, Crestmont is based on the real Californian city of San Luis, where he grew up.

While the location in the show itself is fictional, the first season of the show was shot in a real place (duh!) and you can actually visit some of the locations in real life. In fact, if you've ever lived in or visited San Francisco and the Bay Area, you might recognise some of the locations.

Liberty High School

The exterior of the show's main setting Liberty High School is actually a real school. Analy High School in Sebastopol doubled as LHS but once the school started up in the fall, the location was no longer available to use as a live set.

Speaking to Seventeen, Hannah Payne, who plays Stephanie in season one revealed that "the crew built an exact replica of the high school hallways and classrooms in this giant warehouse." She shot scenes in both the soundstage and the actual school and the replica looked "uncanny."

Libert High School Location 13 reasons Why
Picture: Netflix

Crestmont Theatre

The theatre where Clay and Hannah used to work is actually a real building at 333 Georgia Street in downtown Vallejo. The building is not actually a working cinema, it's an abandoned building that set designers dressed the exterior of to make it look real.

Crestmont Threatre 13 Reasons Why Locations
Picture: Netflix

Monet's Cafe

Monet’s Cafe, where Skye works and where Hannah regularly meets with her friends for hot chocolate, is located at 415 Virginia Street in Vallejo. Like Crestmont Theatre, Monet's is not actually a real cafe. A fake shop front was added to the building for the show.

Monet's Cafe 13 Reasons Why Location
Picture: Netflix

Baker's Drug Store

Baker’s Drug Store, the business owned by Hannah’s parents, is located on the same street as Crestmont Theatre and was also dressed to look like a real store.

“There was a little confusion at times,” Jim Reikowsky, the film liaison for the Visit Vallejo & Solano County Film Office says. “They had to put up a sign outside of Baker’s to tell people that it wasn’t a real drug store, with an arrow pointing to where the real one was.”

Baker's Drug Store 13 Reasons Why Location
Picture: Netflix

Clay's House

The exteriors of Clay's house were shot at 231 Bayview Street in San Rafael. Back when they were filming season one, Dylan Minnette and the production team were actually caught on Google Maps outside the house. His face is blurred, as per Google Map's rules, but you can totally tell it's him. Tony's red Mustang was also captured outside the house.

Clay's House 13 Reasons Why Location
Picture: Netflix

Eisenhower Park

The park where Hannah had her first kiss in is the same neighbourhood as Clay's house in San Rafael. It's called Eisenhower Park in the show, but in real life it's called Bret Harte Park.

Eisenhower Park 13 Reasons Why Locations
Picture: Netflix

The Cemetery

The cemetery where Hannah Baker is buried is in the Fernwood Cemetery in Mill Valley.

Cemetery Hannah baker's Grave 13 Reasons Why Locations
Picture: Netflix

The Liquor Store

The Blue Spot is a real place, but in real life it's actually called Colonial Liquors and is located at 1015 Tamalpais Ave. on the outskirts of downtown San Rafael. Aside from the names on the signs, all the decor in the windows have stayed the same.

The Blue Spot 13 Reasons Why Locations
Picture: Netflix

Rock Climbing Scene

Remember that scene in episode 8 where Tony and Clay climb those huge boulders? They're real and they can be found in the Rock City area of the Mount Diablo state park.

Rock Climbing 13 Reasons Why Locations
Picture: Netflix

Tony's House

Tony's house is located at 319 Irwin Street in San Rafael.

Tony's House 13 Reasons Why Locations
Picture: Netflix

Clay's Bench

The bench where Clay sits at the beginning of the series listening to Hannah's tapes is the hill above Eckley Pier in Crockett, overlooking the Carquinez Strait and the Alfred Zampa Memorial Bridge. You actually can visit the exact spot and snap a pic for the 'gram.

Clay Bench 13 reasons Why Locations
Picture: Netflix

The majority of the interiors, like Hannah's bedroom and the high school gym were all shot on a soundstage in Vallejo, California. So you can't reaaaally visit them in real life, unless you're lucky enough to be invited to the set.

Season two of 13 Reasons Why is due to drop on Netflix later this year. Wonder if they'll be any more locations we can sleuth and add to our grand tour of Hannah Baker's life?