13 Reasons Why: Read All Of Hannah Baker's Poems From Season 2

22 May 2018, 16:56

Hannah's poem
Picture: Netflix/13 Reasons Why
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

In season 2, Hannah has a fair amount of poems written for us to read.

In season 1 of 13 Reasons Why, fans learn that Hannah is an amateur poet and forges a relationship with art boy and zine publisher, Ryan Shaver. This is not a major plot point, but it does come up on the tapes.

Fast forward to season 2 and fans can see a fuller picture of Hannah's poetry and writing relationship with Ryan. Through the magic of screenshotting, we thought we'd share some of Hannah's other poems (besides the one about her black lacy underwear).

Ryan reads some of Hannah's poems in court, while the others can be found in Hannah's pink notebook.

Hannah Baker's poem about Justin:

Hannah baker poem justin
Picture: Netflix/13 Reasons Why

It was the smile that did it, first
The way it seemed so easy for you
to be so happy.
That smile I wish I'd never seen

Hannah's notebook poem #1:

Hannah's poems 2
Picture: Netflix/13 Reasons Why

You can't see what's going on
Because what's going on is too deep and
too dark for you to see

Everyone's smiling and talking, and happy
and i'm thinking
How the fuck are so you so happy when I'm screaming inside!

I want to leave, but I can't
I'm bound by the will I can never give up
Why am I stopping?

I want to leave but I can't
I'm bound by the will I can never give up

You do what you have to,
to try and survive
I may be ugly, but at least I'm alive

Hannah Baker's Forbidden Fruit poem:

Hannah's forbidden fruit poem
Picture: Netflix/13 Reasons Why

Oh, fruit forbidden
so sour, so sweet
I have been banished from the garden
and I don't think I miss it

Hannah Baker's Love Letter Poem:

Hannah Baker poem
Picture: Netflix/13 Reasons Why

They told me that I was meant for the cleaner life
that you would drag me through the mud

They said that you would tread all over me
that they could see right through you.

That you were full of hot air
that I would always be chasing.

Always watching you disappear after sleeker models
that it would be a viscous cycle.

But I knew better. I know about your rough edges
and I have seen your perfect curves

I will fit into whatever spaces you let me
If loving you means getting dirty, bring on the grime

Hannah Baker's Intruder poem (partial)

Intruder Poem Hannah
Picture: Netflix/13 Reasons Why

Sometimes the intruder doesn't need to break a window
Sometimes they already have the key

I'm saying that the house is on fire
And all I know how to do is write poems

All I know I know how to do is arrange flowers on the table
of a burning home

I am pressing against the frame
I am chanting the right words
I am gripping my fists and letting them go