25 Tweets About "13 Reasons Why" Season Two That Are WAY TOO Accurate

21 May 2018, 13:15

13 Reasons Why Season 2 Tweets
Picture: Netflix/Twitter

By Katie Louise Smith

"13 Reasons Why is exhausting. Hannah is dead, and she’s even more exhausting than when she was alive."

13 Reasons Why is officially back in business and just as we expected, it's all everyone seems to be talking about. Twitter has been going into overdrive over the release weekend with memes, hilarious tweets and general rants about a few of the controversial scenes that season two has to offer.

From Zach and Hannah's surprise relationship and the terrible wigs on the show right down to Hannah Baker's ghost, there was so much to say about the second season of Netflix's contro teen-drama.

Here are some of the best tweets about how wild this season truly is:

Everyone is absolutely losing over Hannah Baker's ghost. (Alright, fine... she's not a ghost. She's a figment of Clay's imagination.)

Zach and Hannah's relationship has got people pRESSEDT.

If there's a season three, then karma better collect Monty like she has never collected anyone before.

A list of people who can choke: in that order.

Can we just take a second to talk about the wigs on this show? Do they not have a wig budget? Were Alex and Mrs Baker sharing a wig? WHO DID KATE WALSH LIKE THAT?!


Not to disrespect my one true love Jeff, but Scott is this season's tentative bae.

So, basically... to summarise this season:

The end.