People Think Clay Might Be In Trouble In '13 Reasons Why' Season 2 And Here's Why

28 November 2017, 13:56

Hannah Baker & Clay Jensen from 13 Reasons Why
Picture: Netflix
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

Clay must be protected at all costs.

The furore around 13 Reasons Why seems so long ago now we can hardly believe it was this year that everyone was talking about Hannah Baker's tapes. Despite all the controversy, the show has been renewed for a second season and details about the first episode of the new season are starting to emerge.

As those beady-eyed folks on Reddit pointed out, the IMDb page for the first episode of the second season has been updated and it includes some potential clues as to what will be happening in the episode.

The majority of the tea comes from the cast list. The new characters have already been confirmed, however, this list goes into a bit more detail about some of the secondary roles in the episode which lay some heavy hints at some major developments in the plot.


Firstly, there are a number of extras credited as reporters, meaning that the tapes have likely gone public. This would tie in with photos of the set that were taken earlier in the year which appeared to show protestors outside a court. Another role is listed as "Courtroom Onlooker" which we assume means that we will be watching inside the courtroom during the first episode. Why is this important? Well, it could mean that Bryce is getting his just deserts for raping Hannah and Jessica. Other cast members could also be implicated in Hannah's death, of course, but we're thinking Bryce is the most likely person to be found in the dock in season 2.

Some other tea with potentially huge consequences comes via a tiny detail listed as the bottom of the page. Dylan Minnette, who plays Clay, has a stunt double for the first episode. There is also someone credited as a precision driver too. Does this mean there will be a stunt with a car? Sosie Bacon, who plays Skye, is also listed as having a stunt double but doesn't appear in the first episode herself, which is...odd.

Could there be another car crash involving Clay and Skye? If so, that would be a pretty dramatic start to the season which, honestly, we could probably do without. #PrayForClayAndSkye.