Who killed Bryce Walker in 13 Reasons Why? All the main suspects

3 August 2019, 10:31

Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

Season 3's mystery focuses on the death (murder?) of Bryce Walker but which character has the motive to kill him? From Clay Jensen to Chloe Rice, here are all the main suspects...

13 Reasons Why is moving on from Hannah Baker's death in season 3 and focusing on the death of another character: Bryce Walker.

Yep, the trailer for season 3 dropped on August 1 and revealed the season's new mystery that is set to revolve around Bryce, played by Justin Prentice. The season is set to pick up 8 months after the events of the season 2 finale.

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In the trailer, the main characters (and main suspects, it looks like) are gathered around at Bryce's funeral where his mum can be seen asking for information about his death. Clay seems like he has something to say before the screen dramatically turns black and a website address is revealed: whokilledbrycewalker.com.

Bryce did a lot of terrible things over the past two seasons and managed to escape with barely any punishment. Several characters have good reason enough to want to seek revenge but who would go as far as to kill him? As the trailer says: "Given the right circumstances and the right motivation... anyone could have done this."

Who killed Bryce Walker? Here are all the main suspects...

Who killed Bryce Walker on 13 Reasons Why?
Who killed Bryce Walker on 13 Reasons Why? Picture: Netflix

Clay Jensen

Clay probably has one of the biggest motives, but is also the most unlikely suspect. Clay knew about Bryce raping Hannah and Jessica and he's the one who recorded his confession in season 1 as well. Seeing as Bryce only got probation for his crimes, Clay might be seeking some justice.

In the trailer, we see that he has something to say when asked by Bryce’s mum, Nora Walker, at the funeral but in all likelihood, if Clay killed Bryce, it was probably an accident. There's no way that cinnamon roll would go out of his way to murder someone - but he definitely knows who did. Will he spill the tea or go down protecting them?

Tyler Down

The last time we saw Tyler, he was about to carry out a school shooting at the Spring Fling but he was stopped outside by Clay. Season 3 picks up 8 months after that event, with the characters all rallying around him to help him to recovery. It's possible that Tyler is no doubt still reeling after what Monty did to him in the bathroom in season 2, and with everyone covering up what he almost did, it sounds like he's not getting the professional he needs.

It was also revealed that Tyler had a "hit list" - could he be the one that kills bully Bryce, best friend of Monty who raped him?

Chloe Rice

Chloe is Bryce's ex-girlfriend who found out she was pregnant after being raped by him in season 2. In the trailer, we see her sitting with Zach on the bleachers before Tony pulls up in a car and causes them to pull away from each other. Are they conspiring together?

And also, what happened to her baby? Season 3 takes place 8 months after the events of the season 2 finale but so far, we don't have any explanation as to whether she kept the baby or not. Either way, her storyline is definitely still entwined with Bryce's.

Zach Dempsey

In season 2, Zach became a fan favourite after his adorable summer fling with Hannah was revealed during his statement. In the trailer for season 3, we see that he is now getting closer to Bryce's ex-girlfriend Chloe following her break up and him ending his friendship with Bryce.

While it doesn't seem like Zach has it in him to murder someone, it's possible that he could end up confronting Bryce resulting in his accidental death. Whether he knows about Chloe's rape or not, Zach definitely might learn some new information this season that causes more trouble between the two.

Chloe and Zach appear to be a thing in 13 Reasons Why season 3
Chloe and Zach appear to be a thing in 13 Reasons Why season 3. Picture: Netflix

Alex Standall

In the trailer, Alex is seen with his hands around Monty's neck in the bathroom. Given that Monty and Bryce are best friends, that's already a big ol' red flag in this investigation. Alex also has access to a gun, so we definitely shouldn't be ruling him out. He called Bryce a rapist in season 2 but does he now know about what happened to Tyler?

It'd also be pretty crazy if Deputy Standall was investigating a death that was caused by his own son, huh?

Jessica Davis

As a survivor of Bryce's sexual assault, Jessica definitely has a motive. In season 2, we saw Jessica stand up during Bryce's trial and tell her story in order to bring him to justice but it doesn't help as Bryce is let off on probation.

In the trailer for season 3, we see that Jessica has joined a women's support group and is seen dramatically confronting Monty and the jocks in the hallway. Does Jessica have it in her to snap and kill someone? Maybe?!

Tony Padilla

Tony is one of three guys who seem to have been at the scene of Bryce's death as the camera swings from the Deputy Standall to him, Justin and Tyler getting into a car outside Padilla's auto shop in the trailer. Tony is basically the Gossip Girl of 13 Reasons Why, he knows everyone's business and is somehow always watching.

Tony formed alliances with a lot of people who have reason to want to take Bryce down. Does he take one for the team and get rid of Bryce once and for all?

Justin Foley

Justin, who is now living with the Jensen family but still no doubt struggling with his mental health and addiction, is definitely a suspect. He's also still living with the awful guilt of knowing what Bryce did to Jessica and not saying anything about it.

In the trailer, it's implied that Justin was at the scene of the crime with Tony and Tyler. He can be seen closing the boot of the car in the same place that Deputy Standall is looking for evidence. Could his own personal struggles have pushed him to take action against Bryce? Or is he part of a cover up?

Did Ani kill Bryce? The new character looks veeeeeery suspicious
Did Ani kill Bryce? The new character looks veeeeeery suspicious. Picture: Netflix

One of the new characters... Ani, maybe?

Ani (played by Grace Saif) is seen standing over a sink scrubbing blood out of a white shirt. While we don't quite know her motive just yet, there's no reason to not suspect she could be involved.

There's also several new characters that could easily have carried out the murder, and it would certainly throw us all off the scent if it was someone completely new, either with a motive of their own or acting on behalf of someone else.

The jury also is still out on whether or not Bryce's murder was planned or accidental. Either way, this season's mystery is sure to have some huge implications for almost every character on the show going into season 4. Will they all even make it to graduation?