‘American Horror Story’ finally revealed Constance Langdon's mystery fourth child

18 October 2018, 15:59 | Updated: 19 October 2018, 09:39

By Sam Prance

How did Rose Langdon die?

American Horror Story has finally introduced Rose Langdon. After kicking things off with the end of the world this season (it's called Apocalypse for a reason), Ryan Murphy has since killed off the majority of the cast (for real), brought back the witches from Coven (Cordelia, Madison, Myrtle, Queenie, Zoe and Misty are all back) and reintroduced our favourite anti-christ (we stan Michael Langdon and his powers tbh).

Last night's episode saw AHS up the ante even more by returning to where it all began: the Murder House. Cordelia wanted Madison and Behold to find out Michael's backstory and boy did they. As well as glimpses of AHS legends Violet and Tate, we were blessed with the return of Constance who explained Michael's origins. However, it's Constance's family tree that fans are a little bit confused over.

Find out who Constance Langdon's children are below.

Evan Peters as Tate Langdon, Jessica Lange as Rose Langdon and Cody Fern as Michael Langdon in American Horror Story
Evan Peters as Tate Langdon, Jessica Lange as Rose Langdon and Cody Fern as Michael Langdon in American Horror Story. Picture: FX

When we are first introduced to Constance in Murder House it's unclear if she has any children other than Addy. However, as the season progresses it soon becomes clear that Tate was her son and she also had two other children (Beauregard, and a mystery child who we now know is Rose). With that in mind, we've put together a comprehensive guide as to who all of Constance's children are. Sidenote: she had them all with her husband Hugo.

1) Tate Langdon (Evan Peters)


Tate appears in the early episodes of Murder House but it isn't revealed that he is actually Constance's son until a lot later in the season. Instead, it just seems like he is one of Ben Harmon's psychiatric patients who Violet goes on to fall in love with. However, he's actually dead and a ghost that lives in the house. Not only that but aged 17 he committed a mass shooting that killed 15 people at his school.

He was then shot by a SWAT team in his bedroom leaving his ghost trapped in the Murder House. In Apocalypse, we find out that Tate was never actually evil. Instead, it was the house itself which made Tate that way.

2) Adelaide Langdon (Jamie Brewer)


Addy is one of Murder House's most beloved characters. She is kind and friendly girl with Down-Syndrome but Constance has raised her to believe that she is ugly and a monster so she is very insecure. Unbeknownst to Ben and Vivien, she often goes into their house to play with her dead brother and sister and the other ghosts in the house.

She is later killed on Halloween in a hit and run and her ghost disappears because she dies outside of the Murder House.

3) Beauregard Langdon (Sam Kinsey)


Like Tate, Beau is one of the many spirits who haunts the Murder House. When he was born, he was born with a disease called craniodiaphyseal dysplasia. Disgusted by her own son, Constance horrifically chained Beau in the attic and made Larry Harvey (who was in love with her) smother him to death.

4) Rose Langdon (Raina Matheson)

Rose Langdon in 'Return to Murder House', American Horror Story
Rose Langdon in 'Return to Murder House', American Horror Story. Picture: FX

Little is known about Rose Langdon. In Murder House, Constance alludes to having a fourth child but we never actually see her. However, in Apocalypse she finally appears. We see her in the Murder House as a young eyeless ghost with a doll. Little is said about her but we're pretty sure that she must have died as child. How did she die though and why is that she is only appearing in the house for the first time now.


5) Michael Langdon (Cody Fern)


Michael may not biologically be Constance's son (he is technically her grandson after Tate raped Vivien) but she did raise him as his adoptive mother after Vivien passed away when she gave birth to him. She accepted his unusual and sinister ways immediately but after he became too difficult and dangerous for her to control, she killed herself in the Murder House. She told Madison and Behold that she feared that he would slit her throat.

Something tells us that things aren't going to end well for Michael in Apocalypse.

That's all of Constance's children but we'll update you if we find out more info.

Fingers crossed for more Rose Langdon updates. WHAT IS HER STORY?