Evan Peters Had A Really Explicit Sex Scene In 'AHS: Apocalypse' And Fans Can’t Deal

20 September 2018, 14:12

By Sam Prance

Who is the rubber man?

American Horror Story is back with its eight season and Ryan Murphy is not messing around. Apocalypse debuted last week and people are already obsessed with the new premise (the end of the world), cast members (Cody Fern, Kyle Allen and Ash Santos) and coming up with fan theories as to what might happen in the rest of the series (that trailer was filled with some pretty major Easter eggs for what's to come).

Episode 2 of Apocalypse aired last night (Sept 19) and it is safe to say that there was a lot to take in. First grown-up Michael Langdon (aka the anti-christ) is back and interviewing The Outpost inhabitants to find out who he will 'allegedly' take to The Sanctuary (if you know, you know), then there's the hints that the witches are coming (Fleetwood Mac played on the radio) and finally there's THAT Evan Peters sex scene.

American Horror Story
American Horror Story. Picture: FX

Early on in the episode it becomes clear that Gallant (Evan) is attracted to Michael (Cody). In fact, after Michael interrogates Gallant, the hairdresser starts sexually fantasising about Michael and a man in a rubber suit appears in his room (the rubber suit from Murder House). Gallant then has pretty explicit sex (Evan's bum is out) with the man thinking that it's Michael but Michael claims that it's not him.

Unsurprisingly, the internet is shook and people are already putting together theories as to who the rubber man is. Of course the most obvious suspect is Michael (he could have brought the suit with him) or, as it's been confirmed that this season is a Coven/Murder House crossover, there's a good chance that it's Michael's dad Tate Langdon (who is also played by Evan) or even Dr. Ben Harmon.

Here are just a few of the reactions and guesses so far.

Some are stuck on it being Tate.

Yeah. This is majorly weird when you think about it.

Others are sure that it's Michael.

Okay. This is still weird af.

That being said the rubber man is much stockier than Michael and Tate.

Could it be Ben from Season 1 then?

Ultimately, fans are confused.

This is a total mindfuck.

Regardless of who it is, it's still a lot to process.

That rubber suit has been around.

What is it about that rubber suit and sex?

We see no lies.

A couple of moments in the episode seem to suggest that Michael can't be the rubber man.

Fair but, considering that magic is going to feature in this season, it's not impossible.

Also that last scene complicated things.


Ultimately we're back to playing guessing games.


We shall keep you informed as soon as there are any concrete updates on the matter.