Fans Think 'American Horror Story' Is Setting Up A HUGE 'Coven' Witch Twist

27 September 2018, 15:03 | Updated: 27 September 2018, 15:17

By Sam Prance

This could be major...

It all went down on American Horror Story: Apocalypse last night. First things first we found out that Dinah and Michael have met each other before (!), then we learned that Mallory is a witch (!!) and last but not least there was the revelation about Ms. Meade's true identity (!!!). Oh and pretty much the entire cast was murdered (Venable poisoned all The Outpost guests and then Michael forced Ms. Meade to kill her).

That's not all though. After months of teasing, the witches finally returned. At the end of the episode, fan favourites Cordelia, Myrtle and Madison broke into The Outpost and Cordelia asked Myrtle and Madison to "find our sisters". She then brought Mallory, Dinah and Coco back to life and then Madison taunted Mallory with her iconic "Surprise bitch, I bet you thought you'd seen the last of me!" line. Amazing.

American Horror Story
American Horror Story. Picture: FX

Unsurprisingly, the whole ordeal has fans scrambling to find out what it all means. Who is Mallory? Are Coco and Dinah both witches too? How are Madison and Mallory connected? As it stands, nothing is confirmed but longterm AHS viewers are all sleuthing and coming up with theories as to how Cordelia, Myrtle, Madison, Malloy, Coco and Dinah are connected and it seems like some of them could be right.

One theory is that Coven characters Queenie, Zoe and Misty are inside Madison, Mallory and Coco.


Say what?! Yes one of the most popular theories on the internet right now is that Madison, Mallory and Coco are vessels for other witches. This would explain why Mallory said that she felt like someone was inside her. Plus considering that Cordelia referenced Mallory, Dinah and Coco as her "sisters" and Zoe, Queenie and Misty are returning this season, it's possible that their bodies (Mallory etc.) could be hosts for them (Queenie etc.).

However, a behind the scenes shot from a later episode suggests that this theory could be wrong. Last week, Ryan Murphy posted an image on Instagram in which Queenie, Zoe, Cordelia, Myrtle and Coco are all together. With this in mind, it's a bit unlikely that anyone is inside of Coco. That being said magic and Ryan Murphy work in mysterious ways so we wouldn't count this one out.

As it stands, fans think that Mallory is Zoe, Dinah is Queenie and Coco is Misty. Considering that none of these witches have appeared in any shots with their corresponding Apocalypse characters yet, it could still work.

Another theory on Reddit is that Fiona Goode is trapped inside Mallory, Dinah is related to Marie Laveau and Coco is just a witch of her own accord.

American Horror Story
Picture: Reddit


Yes. If Zoe isn't inside of Mallory, there is a possibility that Fiona is inside her instead. In this episode we saw that Mallory possesses some seriously impressive powers. Could they be Supreme powers? She scared Michael Langdon and he's the Antichrist so this doesn't seem too farfetched. Also it's unlikely that Madison would say "Surprise bitch" to anyone other than Fiona.

As for Dinah being related to Marie Laveau, there's less evidence regarding this one. Still Michael recognising her and even praising her suggests that she is involved with some form of dark magic. Could they share a similar relationship to Marie Laveau and Papa Legba?

Coco seems to bear no connection to anyone yet, so it would make sense that she is her own character.


Of course, it's possible that neither of these theories are true and that the characters are completely separate but we are not ruling anything out just yet. Ryan Murphy always keeps us on our toes too, so it's possible that he has an even bigger twist in mind.

What do you think? Are these theories on the money or way off? Let us know in the comments below.