How did Constance Langdon die in American Horror Story?

18 October 2018, 17:37

By Katie Louise Smith

Jessica Lange made her triumphant return to 'Apocalypse' in 'Return To Murder House' and we bid farewell to the Langdon matriarch once and for all... or so it seems.

It actually happened. American Horror Story finally gave us what we all came for and went back to the place where it all began. In last night's (Oct 17) long-awaited episode (directed by Sarah Paulson), we returned to the Murder House and were swiftly greeted by some iconic characters - including the legendary Constance Langdon, played by the inimitable (and sorely missed) Jessica Lange.

Until now, Apocalypse had so far only given us minor Murder House references scattered amongst a nuclear war backdrop and some heavy involvement from the Coven. But as Madison Montgomery (Emma Roberts) and Behold Chablis (Billy Porter) stopped by the Murder House on a reconnaissance mission to find out more information about Michael Langdon's childhood, we finally caught up with almost every character that appeared in the very first season.

From Ben, Vivien and Violet Harmon, to Tate, Beauregard and Moira the housemaid, it was like 2011 all over again. But while fans were absolutely GAGGED to see the return of Constance, they didn't see her tragic final years and eventual demise coming at all. Yep, Constance Langdon is dead now, kids and honestly? It's a damn shame.

Constance Langdon returns to American Horror Story: Apocalypse
Constance Langdon returns to American Horror Story: Apocalypse. Picture: FX

How did Constance actually die?

While some people (including Constance) were under the impression that Michael would be the one to kill her, it was actually revealed that she took her own life before he got the chance.

Constance, knowing that she could no longer help or control the now teenage Michael following the murder of the priest she hired to help him, drank and smoked herself to death - but not before taking herself to the Murder House ensuring that she would live on as a spirit with three out of four of her beloved children, Tate, Beauregard and the never before seen Rose, who we found out had no eyes. (Addy, of course, died outside which means her spirit is not bound to the confines of the house.)

Despite her tragic death, which tbh, we all kinda saw coming... people were still absolutely fucking GAGGED over Constance's iconic entrance.

Seriously, her return might have been the best thing that has EVER happened to American Horror Story.

Even her death was the most Constance Langdon thing Constance Langdon has ever done.


As for where Constance is now, in the 2021 post-apocalyptic world, is anyone's guess. Presumably, the Murder House was destroyed when the nuclear blast was set off but the whereabouts and fate of the spirits that were contained inside the walls has not yet been revealed.

Jessica Lange has been spotted on the set of Murder House again, where they are currently filming the last few episodes of the season so it looks like we may see Constance one more time before she's gone forever.