Sarah Paulson shaking her head is now a meme and it’s as iconic as her American Horror Story scream

17 December 2018, 18:45 | Updated: 17 December 2018, 18:53

By Sam Prance

AHS fans have turned Sarah Paulson into a new meme...

It's no secret that Sarah Paulson is a legend. From scene-stealing cameo roles on shows including Desperate Housewives to major parts in critically-acclaimed blockbuster movies like 12 Years a Slave, the 44-year-old actress has consistently wowed us on screen. And that's not even mentioning all of her iconic performances as 11 different main characters on the beloved Ryan Murphy series American Horror Story.

When Sarah Paulson isn't wowing us on screen though, she also amazes us off screen. First things first she is without doubt one of the most loveable people in acting (she is so pure it makes our hearts melt), and second she is always hilarious when she is being interviewed (let her host an awards show you cowards). All of this makes her the perfect subject for incredible viral meme potential and now she is one.

Check out the best Sarah Paulson shaking her head memes below.

The Sarah Paulson head shake meme
The Sarah Paulson head shake meme. Picture: PictureGroup/SIPA USA/PA Images // NBC

Last week a longterm fan of Sarah noticed that our fave has the most adorable red carpet habit. They tweeted: "im sorry but isnt it like the cutest thing ever when sarah lightly wobbles her head when posing" alongside a compilation of video clips of the actress shaking her head while posing at different awards shows and premieres. And, since then, the video has been transformed into a hilarious meme.

So, without further ado, here are just a few of the funniest Sarah Paulson shaking her head memes.

It works with politics.

We've all been there.

Repressed feminine boys can relate to.

This is triggering.

Underaged drinkers have also been targeted.

This is too close to home.

And those with a penchant for more illicit substances.

No comment.

The meme also suits robots.

Why does this make sense?

Do you have that one friend who always overshares?

Give them the Sarah Paulson head shake.

Sarah Paulson and Lady Gaga are reuniting.

We need this film to happen.

Trans women are getting in on the meme.

We can't.

Gay men are using it for highly specific circumstances as well.


And last but not least...

We need to log off.