There’s A Secret ‘AHS’ Cast Member Hidden In This Picture - But Who Is It?

3 July 2018, 19:13

AHS Season 8 Cast
Picture: FX/Twitter

By Katie Louise Smith

The cast of American Horror Story season 8 have been teasing a "secret cast member" in this picture...

The premiere date of American Horror Story season 8 is fast approaching and details about the season's top secret storylines and casting decisions are slowly starting to trickle in. In case you didn't know, the theme for this year's season is the Murder House/Coven crossover and will be "unlike anything [they've] ever done."

So far, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Kathy Bates, Cheyenne Jackson, Adina Porter, Billie Lourd, Billy Eichner, Leslie Grossman, Dame Joan Collins and Emma Roberts have all been confirmed as cast members on the eighth season. A few weeks ago, the current cast (minus Evan and Emma) all went out for dinner together.

The picture was shared by Collins, Paulson and Eichner who hinted that a "secret friend" was also in the picture, but hidden by that massive cartoon ghost. Of course, his caption got everyone speculating over who that secret friend/cast member could be and everyone is losing their minds in the comment section.

So, who could it be?

There's a few things we need to take into account before we start sleuthing about this cast member's identity. 1) The person in the picture is kneeling down at the same height as Billie Lourd and 2) they're wearing something black and shiny, which could be a dress? Or a very shiny shirt? Here are the possible candidates based on current casting rumours and actors from both Murder House and Coven:

Is it Jessica Lange? Lange's return has been heavily rumoured (and even hinted at by Murphy himself) and the majority of the comments seem to pointed towards her but let me ask you one very important question: Do you think Jessica Lange would squat for a group picture? I think NOT.

Is it Anjelica Houston? Murphy revealed that he was "in talks" to try and secure Hollywood legend Houston for the eighth season but so far, nothing has been confirmed. Again, let me ask you the same question: Do you think Anjelica Houston would squat for a group picture?! NOT A CHANCE.

Is it Emma Roberts? It could be Emma Roberts, but she was confirmed for the season a few days before the picture was shared on Twitter, so there's no need to hide her identity.

Is it Lily Rabe? It could be! Humble queen Lily Rabe would definitely be up for kneeling in a group pic. Bring back my Misty Day!

Is it Lady Gaga? There's a strong possibility that it could be Gaga. It looks like she was in LA, presumably where the picture was taken at the same time as everyone else, after all. While it's highly unlikely that Gaga's schedule will allow for her to be a big part of the season, there's a chance she could film a small flashback as the original Supreme Scathach.

Is it Connie Britton? Bitch, it might be.

Is it Taissa Farmiga? Bitch, it also might be.

Is it Dylan McDermott? Dylan has hinted at his own return on Twitter so, again... there's a strong possibility that he'll be back as Ben Harmon. But I just can't see him wearing anything that shiny?

Is it Angela Bassett? I BEG.