Taissa Farmiga is conflicted over Tate and Violet's happy ending in 'American Horror Story'

19 October 2018, 16:34 | Updated: 19 October 2018, 23:44

While fans were obsessed over Tate and Violet's emotional reunion in 'AHS: Apocalypse', Taissa is in two minds about it.

American Horror Story finally took us back to the place where it all began and it was glorious. 'Return To Murder House', the sixth episode of Apocalypse, gave fans everything they've ever wanted; the return of Constance Langdon, a deep dive into the twisted childhood of Michael Langdon, and happy endings for three of our beloved characters - Moira, who was set free from the bounds of the house and Tate and Violet, who finally got their happy ever after.

In the episode, fans found out that ghost baes Tate and Violet haven't actually been living in harmony for the past how ever many years. Violet has been ignoring Tate ever since we left the Murder House in 2011 because of all the bad stuff he did. But closure arrived for the flagship ship in the unlikely form of Madison Montgomery, who helped Violet forgive Tate.

It's explained the episode that the house itself is evil, built over a portal to hell. Madison explains to Violet that the house used Tate as a vessel to spread evil and that any ounce of the Tate she used to know left with Michael. She casts a lil spell of clarity over Violet and she finally forgives him. The two make up and the episode ends with an iconic moment between the two at the window of the Murder House.

But while it was great for fans to finally get closure for their number one ship, Taissa Farmiga felt very conflicted about the whole thing - and she's not sure that their story should have ended that way.

Taissa Farmiga returns to American Horror Story as Violet Harmon
Taissa Farmiga returns to American Horror Story as Violet Harmon alongside Evan Peters as Tate Langdon. Picture: FX

When asked by TV Guide how she felt about the reunion between the two, Taissa replied: "You know, it's funny because I have conflicting feelings because I have me as Taissa and I have me as Violet."

"Part of me was, I guess the part that was Violet was happy that she didn't have to cry anymore and the part that's Taissa was sort of — you know, I like things that aren't tied up in a neat little bow ... So you know, I think I was more happy with the Season 1 ending but I think the Violet inside me is more happy with this ending."

Taissa also explained how she felt about how the show absolved the problematic Tate of all the bad things he did in the past - like carrying out a mass shooting and later raping Violet's mother - by explaining it way on ~the evil~ within the house.

"Just because someone is in a circumstance that is influenced by outside evil or outside darkness and they're led to do these actions, I don't think you can completely wipe the slate clean and fully take away the responsibility from that person," she said.

"So it's hard because Tate has been ruined by the house. He's been overcome by the darkness that's there and yet it was still his actions that went and hurt those people and murdered those people and hurt my mom at times — or Violet's mom. See, I told you it's hard to differentiate sometimes."

SHE HAS A POINT! Despite Taissa's conflicted feelings about her beloved character and the fate of the fan favourite ship, fans were literally screaming that Violet and Tate had finally found peace and got their happy ever after.


So there you have it... Tate and Violet were blessed with end game after all this time. Closure at last. Some semblance of peace sweeps down upon the angsty Murder House. Tate's vocal chords are finally getting some rest. It really is a blessed year. (We wonder what Evan Peters thinks about the whole thing?)

In other slightly unrelated news, we'd like to present you with this tweet that has well and truly set the conspiracy sirens off in our heads. While it's probably not the case, they're all going to have to realise that they look a like at some point, right?