‘American Horror Story’ showed how Michael killed the witches and fans aren’t happy

8 November 2018, 17:20

By Katie Louise Smith

As the season draws closer to the big finale, we finally learned how Michael Langdon was able to destroy the Coven - and fans are pretty pressed at how it all went down.

American Horror Story is inching closer and closer to the final episode of the season and it's getting incredibly tense.

While many fans were panicking over how little time AHS has left to answer everything that's still unresolved before the final episode next week, the ninth episode of the season, 'Fire and Reign', actually did manage to pack a lot of important stuff into the episode.

We learned why and how Michael was going to bring about the end of days, we learned the importance of Mallory's powers and we also learned the one thing that's been bugging us since the beginning of the season... how Michael managed to kill the witches.

'American Horror Story' revealed how the witches died and fans aren't happy
'American Horror Story' revealed how the witches died and fans aren't happy. Picture: FX

In the episode, Michael is told by Mutt (Billy Eichner) and Jeff (Evan Peters) that he can destroy the world by dropping a ton of nuclear bombs. (Yes, the actual end of days was set into motion by two techie coke-heads with bowl haircuts, obsessed with robots. Can you believe?)

When Cordelia finds out about Michael's plans to murder everyone in the Coven, she places a protection spell on the academy and anyone who isn't a witch cannot enter. Michael, knowing he couldn't get in, enlisted the help of Voodoo Queen Dinah Stevens (Adina Porter) who made a bargain with him to remove the protection from the house if he would promise her a successful TV career. Deal done, he entered the Coven with Ms Meade in tow and proceeded to kill the witches.

Zoe was shot in the head, Bubbles McGee was stabbed to death and, after an attempt to use her voodoo doll powers on Ms Meade, Queenie was killed (again) by Meade's shotgun hand. (What happened to not telling her she was a robot, huh?)

Everyone in the Coven was murdered except Cordelia, Myrtle and Mallory, who were in a different room. They managed to escape and later reappeared in a different location where Cordelia attempted to bring the dead witches back to life.

As she tries to save them, both Queenie and Zoe disappear in her arms. When she comes to, she explains that their souls are gone and they can't be brought back - presumably because Michael was able to completely destroy a person's soul, a fact that Madison neglected to warn Cordelia about. (FFS, Madison!)

Needless to say, fans were shook over the shock mass murder at the Coven and are now really pissed off that Zoe, Queenie and the iconic Bubbles died in such a disappointing way - and are also now dead forever.

We know that neither Queenie nor Zoe show up with Cordelia, Myrtle and Madison in the bunker in the present day so who knows if their souls will ever return.

With one episode left, it's pretty unlikely that we'll get to see them again. Unless, of course, Mallory is able to work her magic and reverse everything that happened? MALLORY, WE'RE COUNTING ON YOU! BRING BACK OUR GIRLS!