What happened to Brimsley and Reynolds in Queen Charlotte? Fans are crying over their Bridgerton love story

5 May 2023, 14:04 | Updated: 5 May 2023, 14:53

Queen Charlotte's India Amarteifio & Corey Mylchreest Interview Each Other | Bridgerton

By Sam Prance

Brimsley and Reynolds are everyone's favourite new couple but why is Reynolds not in Bridgerton?

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Queen Charlotte introduces an iconic new couple into the Bridgerton universe but what happens to Brimsley and Reynolds?

As well as telling the love story of Queen Charlotte (India Amarteifio) and King George (Corey Mylchreest), Bridgerton's new spin-off also gives Queen Charlotte's secretary Brimsley (Sam Clemmett) a love interest of his own. Brimsley has a romance with King George's secretary Reynolds (Freddie Dennis) and fans are praising the series for its gay representation.

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Throughout Queen Charlotte, we see fictional characters Brimsley and Reynolds' secret romance unfold. From quick hand touches to explicit sex scenes, the series makes it clear that Brimsley and Reynolds are in love. However, Reynolds isn't featured in Bridgerton. So what happens to Reynolds and why are fans crying over his last scene with Brimsley?

Does Reynolds die in Queen Charlotte?

Bridgerton: What happened to Reynolds and Brimsley in Queen Charlotte?
Bridgerton: What happened to Reynolds and Brimsley in Queen Charlotte? Picture: Netflix

In Queen Charlotte episode 2, Queen Charlotte confronts King George about why he's placed her in a palace separate from his own. As this happens, Brimsley and Reynolds secretly have sex and they continue to sleep with each other throughout the series. Not only that but we see their love develop each episode through stolen moments and romantic glances.

Seemingly because of people's views towards homosexuality in the 1700s, Brimsley and Reynolds tell no one about their relationship, not even King George and Queen Charlotte. As a result, their story is all the more heartbreaking as they are forced to keep everything about it a secret and, in the 'present day', Reynolds is nowhere to be seen.

As a result, it seems likely that Reynolds died before the events of Bridgerton take place or lives apart from Brimsley with King George. This is seemingly confirmed in episode 6. At Lady Danbury's ball, we see Reynolds and Brimsley secretly dance together. This is then intercut with a scene of an old Brimsley dancing alone and remembering Reynolds.

While the show doesn't confirm what happened to Reynolds, fans are sobbing over the fact that he and Brimsley have been separated. One fan wrote: "THE TRANSITION FROM YOUNG BRIMSLEY AND REYNOLDS DANCING TO OLD BRIMSLEY DANCING ALONE HAS ME ON TEARS".

Another added: "I'm still crying about the transition fade from young Brimsley dancing with Reynolds and old Brimsley dancing alone. They deserved a happy ending."

Discussing what might have happened to Reynolds with Tudum, Freddie Dennis, who plays him, joked: "I’m on holiday in the Maldives." Sam Clemment, who plays Brimsley, then disagreed by adding: "Reynolds is obviously in Barbados. Did Freddie say the Maldives? He has no idea."

Discussing the emotional dance scene, Hugh Sachs, who plays the older Brimsley said: "What was informing me when I was dancing is that [Brimsley’s dance with Reynolds] is a happy memory. That’s when Brimsley was in love and Reynolds was the love of his life."

Given that Queen Charlotte is a limited series, there's no knowing if we'll see more of young Brimsley and Reynolds. That being said, Bridgerton could reference Reynolds in a future season.

Fingers crossed that there will be another Bridgerton spin-off where we get to see more of Brimsley and Reynolds' love story.

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