Here's why there's less sex scenes in Bridgerton season 2

25 March 2022, 09:19 | Updated: 19 April 2022, 18:16

By Katie Louise Smith

"You have to remember that everyone’s romance is different – every love story can’t be exactly the same."

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Watching Bridgerton and wondering why there's not as many sex scenes as there was in season 1? You're not the only one.

Bridgerton season 1 left viewers that were unfamiliar with the book series shocked with all those very steamy sex montages between Daphne Bridgerton and Simon Basset. But season 2, which follows the very different relationship between Anthony Bridgerton and Kate Sharma, is a whole different story.

Unlike in season 1, there's very few sex scenes between Anthony and Kate in the second season. While some reports suggest that the show has 'toned down' their raunchy moments, that is far from the case. The reason why there's less sex in Bridgerton season 2 is all to do with the couple at the centre of the show...

Why Bridgerton season 2 has less sex scenes
Why Bridgerton season 2 has less sex scenes. Picture: Netflix

Speaking at the world premiere for Bridgerton season 2, Shonda Rhimes explained to PopBuzz why there’s a distinct different in the amount of sex scenes between Daphne and Simon’s romance in season 1 and Kate and Anthony’s in season 2.

"You have to remember that everyone’s romance is different – every love story can’t be exactly the same," the executive producer said. "Daphne and Simon’s story is a very specific kind of story. Kate and Anthony’s story is also a very specific kind of story. Season 3’s story will also be a very specific kind of story.”

Shonda continued: "Everybody’s love story unfolds in a different way. This is like a ‘slow burn, building heat, you get really excited, want it to explode’ kind of story in season 2. It’s very different from season 1."

In season 1, Daphne and Simon's relationship – which blossoms from them pretending to be a couple in order to avoid courting other people – happens very quickly, and is very sexual.

The first season is effectively the 'Education of Daphne Bridgerton.' Daphne is very briefly taught about sex on her wedding day, and figures out her sexual relationship with her new husband as she goes. As a result, viewers see a lot of sex scenes between Daphne and Simon because it's part of their story and their growth as characters.

Speaking about the amount of sex scenes in season 1, Phoebe Dynevor told Deadline: "Their sexual evolution was very important to the storyline and something me, [showrunner Chris Van Dusen], Regé and everyone involved really wanted to tell truthfully and in a way that was safe for everyone."

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Anthony and Kate in Bridgerton season 2
Anthony and Kate in Bridgerton season 2. Picture: Netflix

While Anthony and Kate also ~burn~ for each other, their burn is much, much slower than Daphne and Simon's.

Shortly after they first meet, Anthony and Kate are soon at odds, despite the two clearly having a strong interest in the other. Once Anthony starts courting Kate's sister Edwina, the pair get more and more hostile towards one another – and their sexual tension grows alongside it.

Simone Ashley and creator Chris Van Dusen explained the reason why Kate and Anthony are more restrained with their attraction in an interview with Radio Times.

"Our approach to intimacy on the show really is the same as season 1," Chris explained. "And we use these intimate scenes to tell a story and to push the story forward. We've never done a sex scene for the sake of doing a sex scene, and I don't think we ever will."

Simone added: "It makes sense for these characters because they're so protective over their families and they're so truthful to their duties and responsibilities – so for them to break that wouldn't have made sense for the characters. And as Chris has said, they aren't performative sex scenes or intimate scenes. They have a meaning behind them and I think it's very earned when the fireworks happen."

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