Chance Perdomo takes on The Most Impossible Chilling Adventures of Sabrina quiz | PopBuzz Meets

8 May 2019, 16:30

By Katie Louise Smith

Can you beat Chance Perdomo in the hardest Sabrina quiz you'll ever take?

It's the age old question: Will the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina ever crossover with... Scooby Doo? Unlikely, but if Chance Perdomo gets his way, it's 100% happening.

Yes, Ambrose Spellman stans! Chance Perdomo stopped by PopBuzz HQ to discuss all things season 3 and where Ambrose's storyline is heading next. We also challenged him to take on the most Impossible Chilling Adventures of Sabrina quiz - and when we say impossible, we mean... impossible.

Can he remember what outfit he was wearing in his first scene? How well does he recall the show's Lupercalia sex festival episode? And does he have any idea what the pizza delivery service in Greendale is called? (HINT: It's not Spooky Pizza, unfortunately.)

There's ten questions in total... but can you beat him? Before you hit play on the video above, lock in your answers for the questions below and see how well you did. Can you beat Chance Perdomo at the impossible quiz?

Chance Perdomo vs. The Most Impossible Sabrina Quiz
Chance Perdomo vs. The Most Impossible Sabrina Quiz. Picture: PopBuzz

Here are the all important questions:

1) What colour t-shirt is Ambrose wearing when we first see him?

2) In part one, episode one, what film is showing at the Paramount’s Horrorthon?

3) What song is sung at Sabrina’s coronation in the Part 2 finale?

4) In the opening credits sequence, which two Archie comics characters can be see on the TV in front of Sabrina?

5) In the Lupercalia episode, what are the names of the three stages of the festival?

6) What two tarot cards does Ambrose get in part two, episode 5?

7) What is the name of Greendale’s pizza delivery service?

8) What was the flight number of the plane that Sabrina’s parents were killed on?

9) What is Aunt Zelda’s middle name?

10) How many days are there between the release of Part One and Part Two?