Ross Lynch responds to rumours that he's dating 'Sabrina' co-star Jaz Sinclair

18 January 2019, 14:00 | Updated: 18 January 2019, 16:24

By Katie Louise Smith

The 'Sabrina' co-stars have sparked a ton of relationship rumours following their cute Instagram posts.

Everyone knows that the cast of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a pretty close-knit group. From their on-set antics to the time they share together when they're not filming, Instagram is full of videos and pictures of them together and now, thanks to those snaps, the internet seems to think that Sabrina co-stars Ross Lynch and Jaz Sinclair are dating in real life.

The actors, who play Harvey Kinkle and Ros Walker on the Netflix show, have been sharing a lot of really cute pics of themselves together on social media recently and fans are going into over-drive trying to figure out if they're actually a couple. Even Jaz's adorable birthday message to Ross sent fans into a meltdown after she wrote "Happy Birthday to my favorite. I'm really happy you were born" alongside a bunch of reaaaaally adorable photos of the two.

So far, neither Ross or Jaz have addressed anything online but after being asked about it in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Ross spoke on the rumours about their potential relationship - and he's acting real coy about it.

Ross Lynch and Jaz Sinclair
Ross Lynch and Jaz Sinclair. Picture: Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Netflix, via @jazsinclair

When asked whether or not Jaz's post meant that the two were "Instagram official," he jokingly replied: "What does Instagram official even mean?!"

"Me and Jaz, and a few other of the actors [on Sabrina] really just hit it off, and we would spend everyday together," he explained of the cast, who all live in Vancouver together while shooting the show. "So, Jaz is like, my closest friend right now."

"I'm the favourite's favourite, that's what we always say... because she's everyone else's favourite, but if I'm her favourite, then it's like, 'OK cool. I can deal with that.'"

There you have it!

On the Sabrina side of things, Ross also teased some details about season 2 (dropping on April 5) and it sounds like he and Jaz could be spending a lot more time together on screen too.

When asked to spill some deets on what's ahead for the characters in the next season, Ross teased that "new exciting relationships" are starting to form in the wake of Harvey and Sabrina's break up in A Midwinter's Tale. "I think the fans aren't gonna be initially excited about, but I think they're gonna grow to love these new relationships," Ross said. "I don't even know what I'm officially allowed to talk about... every character meets new people." 

Ooooh new relationships but who could they involve? Obviously, Sabrina and Nick Scratch will be be a big one, but what about Harvey and Ros? There was a tiny moment in the trailer for season two after all... could it develop into something bigger?