The Ending Of 'Elite' On Netflix Has Got Everyone Losing Their Minds

9 October 2018, 17:12

By Sam Prance

This season finale is a lot to process...

There's no question that Elite is one of the standout series of the entire year so far. The new teen drama may have only come out on Netflix last Friday but it's already received huge critical acclaim from fans and critics alike for its incredible characters, gripping plot-line and talented cast. In mere days, the Spanish show has amassed a huge international following akin to the likes of Riverdale and 13 Reasons Why.

And it's easy to see why fans are so obsessed. Not only does Elite broach important topics like islamophobia, classism and homosexuality, but it also centres on an engrossing murder mystery. As soon as the show starts, we learn that a student at Las Encinas has been killed and the series then cuts between scenes before the murder and current police interrogations with classmates to find out who did it.

In the final episode, all is revealed and it's safe to say that the internet is shook by the answers.


Elite. Picture: Netflix

It's Polo. Say what?! Yeah, we didn't see that coming either but in the season finale all becomes clear. Quickly on in the show we learn that it's Marina who's been murdered. At first we're led to believe that it's likely Samuel or Nano who has killed her; Samuel because he is upset that Marina slept with his brother Nano, and Nano because Marina hesitates over running away with him.

However, neither of them did it. Mid-way through Elite, Nano steals five expensive watches from Carla's father to pay people back who are blackmailing him. He also wants to elope with Marina and, in the finale, she is waiting with one of the watches for Nano to come join her so that they can run away. However, the watch she has is an incriminating piece of evidence and Carla's father wants it back.


Carla tries to get it back with the help of Christian but fails, so Polo (who is trying to make amends with Carla now that she's dumped him for Christian) goes to Marina. Initially he tries to take the watch from her but fails. Marina then taunts Polo and says that he is still being manipulated by Carla and, in a fit of rage, he hits her over the head with a trophy and she dies.

Nano then finds Marina dead and runs off. Samuel sees Nano, assumes he's guilty, rushes to Marina and reports her death. In the interrogation, Carla, Christian and Polo work together to cover up Polo's murder (before it takes place they give Polo an alibi, take the watch back and hide the murder weapon). Nano is then wrongly charged with it. OMFG.

In the meantime, Nadia starts to assert her independence from her father (queen), Guzmán and Lu get back together (sigh) and Omar and Ander stay cute and adorable even if Omar still hasn't come out to his parents (our hearts).

Unsurprisingly, viewers are all struggling to process the shocking ending. Here are just a few of the reactions.


Bring on Season 2! We need more.