'Elite' Has Been Renewed For A Second Season On Netflix

19 October 2018, 18:36 | Updated: 19 October 2018, 18:41

By Sam Prance

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Update: Netflix has now officially confirmed that Elite is returning for another season.

It's only been out for a matter of mere days but fans are already so obsessed with Netflix's new teen original drama Elite that they are taking to social media to demand for a second season. And it's easy to see why. Ever since the Spanish series first aired on Friday, it's received widespread praise. Not only is it incredibly written (seriously that plot is gripping af) but it also stars a brilliant cast (check out their social media accounts).

The Ending Of 'Elite' On Netflix Has Got Everyone Losing Their Minds

Thankfully fans of the show don't have to wait too long for there to be another season. According to the Spanish newspaper El Confidencial, Netflix has already renewed the hit show for a second season. Apparently the video streaming service was so confident in the series that they gave the makers of Elite the go ahead to start work on Season 2 before Season 1 had even aired. Amazing.

What is 'Elite' though and why should I watch it?

Elite. Picture: Netflix

The concept of Elite is simple. The series centres on three students in their late teens who've recently been transferred to the private education institute Las Encinas after their own school was burnt down. Samuel, Nadia and Christian all struggle to fit in at first but soon make friends and get caught up in the drama of Las Encinas. However, there's one catch: a student gets killed by someone.

The series then cuts between police interrogations with students at Las Encinas (including Samuel, Nadia and Christian) and flashbacks of the actions and events that led up to murder. All is then revealed in the dramatic season finale. The show is so well-written that it could easily act as a stand alone series but we are so glad that it's coming back for more and we reckon fans will be too.

Here are just a few of the reactions.

Some are yet to hear the news.


Don't worry. Answers are coming.

Others aren't sure how they're going to be able to wait a whole year to find out what happens next.


The struggle is real.

Like, if Netflix could air the season tomorrow that would be awesome.



And last but not least fans are just celebrating the fact that it's coming back.


We cannot wait.

As it stands there is no official release date for Season 2 but, seeing as Netflix series tend to air on an annual basis, we think that we could be getting the next season as soon as October next year.

We shall keep you informed with any updates.