Elite season 3 soundtrack: Every song from the Netflix show

13 March 2020, 15:58

By Katie Louise Smith

From CHVRCHES and Cinthie to LunchMoney Lewis and Brigitte Laverne, here's every song from Elite season 3, ordered by episode.

Elite season 3 returned to Netflix today (Mar 13) with a brand new mystery and an absolutely jam packed soundtrack.

The third season of the Spanish teen drama sets up a big mystery revolving around Polo. In the trailer, we see that Polo is dead and all the characters are now suspects - but who killed him? (SPOILER: Find the answer here.)

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The murder mystery plays out over the top of a soundtrack that features an endless supply of electronic bangers and some familiar tunes. Chvrches' 'Forever' is back again as a recurring track throughout the season. Tracks from Cinthie, Brigette Laverne, Freya Ridings, LunchMoney Lewis, Kimberly Tell and The Kills also appear.

And don't worry - there's no spoilers for Elite season 3 here. You can find each song categorised according to the episode. This is as close as you're gonna get to gaining access to the Spotify playlists of your fave Las Encinas legends.

Here's every song on the Elite season 3 soundtrack...

Elite season 3 soundtrack: Every song, by episode
Elite season 3 soundtrack: Every song, by episode. Picture: Netflix

Elite season 3, episode 1 songs

Leïti Sene ft. Aleesha - 'Galarina'

Balti ft. Hamouda - 'Ya Lili'

New Day - 'Hush'

H-Kayne - 'Lbilya (Drugs)'

Broken Twin - 'In Dreams'

Christian Reindl ft. Ruuth - 'Now You're A Home'

New Day - Hush (Official video)

Elite season 3, episode 2 songs

Forest Swords - 'Crow'

CHVRCHES - 'Forever'

Ladilla Rusa - 'Bebo (De Bar En Peor)'

Cinthie - 'Mesmerizing'

Kedr Livanskiy - 'Kiska (KИCKA)'

Prozack - 'Desajuste (Instrumental)'

Boy Azooga - 'Loner Boogie'

Radio - 'El Aire Está Vivo (Instrumental)'

Attic Lights - 'Breathe For Me'

Vega Almohalla - 'En el Aire'

CHVRCHES - Forever

Elite season 3, episode 3 songs

Anavae - 'Afraid'

CHVRCHES - 'Forever'

Leïti Sene ft. iseekarlo & Benil - 'Mmm Tkm'

Simon Field - 'Shake The Tree'

Matias Aguayo & The Desdemonas - Cold Fever (Trevor Jackson Dub)

Freya Ridings - 'Castles'

Nos Miran - 'Mientras Bailo'

Brigitte Laverne - 'Cities'

Jump To The Moon - 'U Mad'

Luis DH - 'Home Run'

Freya Ridings - Castles (Official Video)

Elite season 3, episode 4 songs

Mala Rodríguez - 'Tengo Un Trato'

CHVRCHES - 'Forever'

The Last Detail - 'Fun Fair'

Cristina Quesada - 'Dancing Tonight'

Putochinomaricon - 'Ojalá (Te Murieras)'

The Midnight - 'Sunset'

Brigitte Laverne - 'Crush On You'

Oblique & Carlos Bayona - 'We Never Say Die (A Song for the Goonies)'

La Bien Querida - 'Dinamita'

Brigette Laverne - 'Phoebe's Room'

HVOB - 'Bloom'

La Habitación Roja - 'Indestructibles'

PUTOCHINOMARICÓN - Ojalá (Te Murieras) [Audio]

Elite season 3, episode 5 songs

LunchMoney Lewis - 'Bills'

Damn The Witch Siren - 'Wild Child'

7Horse - 'Victorious'

Kemo the Blaxican - 'Random Thoughts'

Pisces - 'Lunatic Moon'

Estiva - 'Repeater'

DESTABILIZED - 'Move Your Feet'

The Wookies - 'Discotecno'

SLVR - 'Old Picta'

The Hitters - 'Electrogaga (The Pirates Remix)

Clyde Trevor ft. MC Sherlock - 'Let's Bounce (Club Mix)'

Endless Forms - 'Lungs'

LunchMoney Lewis - Bills (Official Video)

Elite season 3, episode 6 songs

Kimberly Tell - 'Hoy no me puedo lavantar'

Brigitte Laverne - 'Can’t Take It No More'

Kishi Bashi - 'In Fantasia'

Treasure Fingers & BOSCO - 'Names'

Neumodel ft. Tessa B - 'Fresh'

The Magnettes - 'Sad Girls Club'

Onili - 'Sentimental (Borgore Body Remix)'

Brigitte Laverne - Can't Take It No More (Audio)

Elite season 3, episode 7 songs

CHVRCHES - 'Forever'

Brigitte Laverne - 'Can’t Take It No More'

Cinthie - 'Mesmerizing'

Kimberly Tell - 'Trihte'

Rat City ft. Isak Heim - 'Kind Of Love'

CUT_ - 'Out Of Touch'

Cinthie - Mesmerizing

Elite season 3, episode 8 songs

CHVRCHES - 'Forever'

Cinthie - 'Mesmerizing'

Brigitte Laverne - 'Can’t Take It No More'

Putochinomaricon - 'Ojala (Te Murieras)'

Vitalic - 'Poison Lips'

The Kills - 'The Last Goodbye'

Night Panda & Krigarè - 'Twisted Game'

Night Panda, Krigarè - Twisted Games (Official Lyric Video)