Elite season 5: All the questions from season 4 that need answers

23 June 2021, 17:40 | Updated: 23 June 2021, 17:59

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By Sam Prance

Is Armando's story really over? Are Ander and Guzmán gone for good? These are all of our burning Elite questions.

Elite season 4 may have only just come out on Netflix but we've already binged all eight episodes and have many questions.

Elite season 4 begins with Samuel, Guzmán, Ander and Rebe all retaking their final year of school alongside Omar. Cayetana is now working as a cleaner at Las Encinas and Phillipe, a member of European royalty, has joined the school. If that weren't enough, there's a new principal, Benjamin, and his three children, Patrick, Ari, Mencía, have all enrolled in Las Encinas too.

Naturally, it doesn't take long for scandal, crime and murder to unfold. The new season revolves around the mystery of who attacked Ari and all is revealed in the season finale. However, the ending has left us with multiple unanswered questions.

With that in mind, here's an extensive list of the questions we desperately need to be answered in Elite season 5.

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Elite season 5: All the questions from season 4 that need answers
Elite season 5: All the questions from season 4 that need answers. Picture: Netflix

1) Will Armando's body be found?

Guzmán shoots Armando dead in the Elite season 4 finale in a bid to protect Ari. The final shots of the episode show Samuel and Rebe helping Guzmán hide Armando's body by attaching weights to it and throwing it in the lake. Armando sinks to the bottom and the episode ends with Guzmán seemingly getting away with murder.

Given that Guzmán told Ari that Armando ran away and that he couldn't find him, it is possible that people will be searching for Armando in season 5. Will his parents enter the picture à la Meryl Streep in Big Little Lies? Will Phillipe want him found? Will his body somehow float to the lake surface? We need answers.

2) Will Ari and Mencía learn what really happened to Armando?

As we mentioned above, Ari has no idea that Armando is dead and neither does Mencía. With Rebe and Mencía dating and Ari and Samuel still in love, we imagine that it's only a matter of time before Rebe or Samuel let slip what happened. The sisters will likely still be traumatised by what Armando did them and Rebe and Samuel will want to comfort them.

Who do you think will be the first to crack?

3) Are Samuel and Ari going to be a couple?

In the season 4 finale, Samuel ends his affair with Ari so that she can be with Guzmán. He wants to stop hurting his friend and believes that Ari will never truly love him because of their class difference. However, Guzmán believes that Ari loves Samuel and breaks up with her, before leaving Madrid to go travelling with Ander.

With Samuel and Ari both single, can they finally have a relationship?

4) Have Guzmán and Ander left the show for good?

Yes. After four seasons, it looks like Guzmán (Miguel Bernardeau) and Ander (Arón Piper) have officially left the show. In the final episode, the best friends decide to end their final year early and go off travelling together. However, if Armando's body is found, surely Guzmán and Ander will be called back to Madrid for questioning? What is the truth?

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5) Will Omar find a new love interest now that Ander is gone?

Ever since Elite first debuted, Ander and Omar have been one of the core couples of the show. Now, that Ander has gone off travelling and the couple have decided not to do long distance though, will Omar look for love elsewhere? He could attempt to rekindle his romance with Patrick, find love elsewhere or simply focus on passing his final year.

Something tells us that more romance will be on the cards.

6) Will Patrick seek revenge on Omar?

Although they were close at times in season 4, things turned sour between Omar and Patrick, when Omar and Ander chose to end their respective flings with Patrick. Going into season 5, it's likely that Patrick will still feel bitter about how Omander treated him and he may try to sabotage Omar at school and in his love life.

Our bet is that Patrick and Omar be fighting over a new love interest in season 5.

7) Will Phillipe stay in the show?

After Phillipe sexually assaulted Cayetana, she officially ends things with him at the end of Elite season 4. His story then appears to wrap up with him confronting his actions and calling the girl he previously sexually assaulted to apologise. Moving forward, it's unclear if Phillip will stay at Las Encinas, with his crimes exposed, or leave.

As it stands, Pol Granch, who plays Phillipe, has said nothing about his future on the show.

8) Can Rebe and Mencía love each other in peace now?

Throughout season 4, Rebe and Mencía's relationship is tested by Mencía's lies about her sex work and the ways in which Amando bribes her to keep doing it. With Armando now dead, can Rebe and Mencía finally love each other in peace, or is more drama about to unfold?

Knowing Elite, our new favourite couple are far from safe.

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9) Will Rebe's mum ever stop dealing drugs?

In season 4, Rebe initially believes that her mum has stopped dealing drugs in order to be a better mother. However, it isn't long before, we learn that Rebe's mum has been lying to her. Going into season 5 will she continue her life of crime, or will she find a new means of making money as she previously promised?

If Armando is found and Rebe faces jail time in season 5, we reckon that Sandra will take the fall for her.

10) What will Benjamin do now he knows about Mencía's sex work?

In one of the final scenes in season 4, Mencía and Ari reveal to Benjamin that she's been engaging in sex work and explains exactly what happened with Armando. We then see Benjamin smashing a table out of anger but it's unclear if his anger is directed at Mencía or Benjamin?

Will he punish Mencía in season 5 or, not realising that he's dead, seek to find Armando and put him behind bars?

11) Will Benjamin remain principal?

The whole reason that Benjamin was employed as the principal of Las Encinas was to put an end to the scandals that took place when Azucena was principal. However, with underaged sex work, murder and near-death experiences all happening under his watch, will the school's governors still want Benjamin in power?

Azucena could possibly be brought back in season 5 to work alongside him.

12) Will Samuel and Omar finally graduate?

As much as we've enjoyed half the cast staying back a year, we're not sure that Samuel and Omar can convincingly stay in school much longer. Our hope is that season 5 will finally see our last two original characters graduate.

'It's about time!' in the words of Sarah Harding.

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13) Is Cayetana about to start a career as a fashion designer?

Season 4 showcases Cayetana's talents as a fashion designer and it ends with Ari commissioning her to create an outfit for New Year's Eve. Going into season 5, we imagine that Ari will want more outfits from Caye and, as Caye builds her profile, many more people will want to wear her designs too.

Also can someone please make sure that Caye doesn't date any murderers or rapists in season 5. Our angel deserves a break.

14) What really happened to Ari, Patrick and Mencía's mum?

Early on in season 4, it's revealed that Ari, Patrick and Mencía's mum died in a car accident after Mencía went missing and Patrick and his mum went looking for her. Patrick was also left severely injured for two years. Benjamin and Patrick seem to blame Mencía for what happened but what if someone else was responsible?

Patrick has several anger outbursts in season 4. Could one of his outbursts have resulted in the accident? Also, what did Mencía really do before they moved to Las Encinas? Was she just a wild child who went missing? Or is there more to it?

15) How will the new characters be incorporated into the show?

Three new characters have been announced for season 5 so far. Argentinian actress Valentina Zenere will play Sofia, French actor Adam Nourou will play Eric and Brazilian actor André Lamoglia will play Gonzalo. That's all we know though. Will they be characters in a different school year to the rest of the cast? Will they be new love interests?

What are your hopes for the new students?

16) Is season 5 the final season?

Elite season 4 ends halfway through the remaining characters final year. Elite season 5 will likely end with Samuel, Omar and the rest of the main characters finishing school and leaving the show as a result. With the original cast all gone, will Elite continue with a new generation or is the iconic show coming to an end?

Could Elite work with a new cast?

What do you think? Did we miss any?