Euphoria's Algee Smith says McKay is "better" for Cassie than Nate

15 February 2022, 15:28

Sydney Sweeney opens up about Rue revealing Cassie’s secret

By Sam Prance

McKay was Cassie's boyfriend in Euphoria season 1 but has barely appeared in the second season of the show.

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Euphoria actor Algee Smith has argued that his character, McKay, was a "better" boyfriend for Cassie than Nate in the show.

Cassie's love life turns upside down in Euphoria season 2. After breaking up with McKay, she starts seeing Maddy's ex Nate in private but both of them spend the majority of their relationship terrified that Maddy will find out about it. Later on, Rue sees them hooking up and tells Maddy. Chaos then ensues as Maddy is left feeling betrayed by those closest to her.

At the end of episode 6, Nate and Cassie decide to stay together and the trailer for episode 7 shows them going public with their relationship at East Highland High. Now, Algee Smith has revealed what he thinks of the controversial couple and opened up about why McKay has gone from being a main cast member to barely appearing in season 2.

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Euphoria&squot;s Algee Smith says McKay is "better" for Cassie than Nate
Euphoria's Algee Smith says McKay is "better" for Cassie than Nate. Picture: HBO, LANDMARK MEDIA / Alamy Stock Photo, LANDMARK MEDIA / Alamy Stock Photo

Taking to Twitter on Sunday night (Feb 13), Algee tweeted a selfie of him and Sydney Sweeney, from when they were playing McKay and Cassie, with the caption: "We were better for each other #Mckay & #Cassie #Euphoria". The tweet quickly went viral online with people either agreeing with Algee, disagreeing with him or saying that Cassie should be with neither.

One person replied: "Mckay literally got her pregnant and took no responsibility and then acted like he was the one who has gotten hurt from ending their relationship. idk man i ain’t got no respect for Mckay! [sic]"

Another added: "Obviously not negating any of this but MKay was literally sexually assaulted and it was never addressed. Cassie didn’t support him through it either and instead decided to prioritize her own feelings. The situation between them isn’t one-sided. She’s just as bad as he was. [sic]"

Meanwhile, Algee began retweeting fans who agree with him and tweeted: "I still love that girl", in response to someone who tweeted: "You're in college bro". Algee also retweeted a fan who wrote: "Hmmm does this mean we’ll be seeing more of Mckay".

Whether or not this means McKay will appear in the last two episodes of season 2 is yet to be seen.

As it stands, McKay has only appeared in the Euphoria season 2 premiere. Speaking to The Daily Beast about why McKay is barely in season 2, Algee said: "I’m not even really sure, to be honest with you. I think that’s a question we have to ask our creator. We haven’t even gotten that far in the conversation, him and myself, on this, actually."

There were rumours McKay's storyline was cut down because Algee is unvaccinated but he says that "it was never brought up" and HBO have released a statement to The Daily Beast saying: "McKay’s storyline was written before the COVID-19 pandemic. To suggest otherwise would be incorrect".

As for whether or not McKay will be in season 3, Algee said: "We’ll have to see, I’m just riding with the wave right now."

What do you think? Would you like to see more of McKay?

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