Euphoria's Nika King wants Leslie and Ali to get together in season 3

25 February 2022, 17:28

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By Sam Prance

Nika King thinks that Rue's sponsor Ali would be a good match for Leslie in Euphoria season 3.

Euphoria's Nika King has revealed that she wants Leslie and Ali to start dating each other in season 3 of the hit teen drama.

Ever since the first season of Euphoria, Rue's mother, Leslie (Nika King) has been single. In the wake of her husband's death and Rue's ongoing struggles with addiction, Leslie has barely had a moment to herself, let alone a chance to think about her dating life.

Nevertheless, fans have noticed romantic sparks between Leslie and Rue's sponsor Ali (Colman Domingo). When Ali joins the Bennett family for dinner in season 2, episode 6, he bonds with Leslie and Gia and Leslie later calls him "handsome".

Now, Nika King has let slip that she thinks Leslie and Ali are a good match and she wants them to get together in season 3.

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Euphoria's Nika King wants Leslie and Ali to date each other in season 3
Euphoria's Nika King wants Leslie and Ali to date each other in season 3. Picture: HBO

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly about whether or not Leslie will find love with Ali in Euphoria season 3, Nika said: "I think it makes sense. It moves the story forward." When asked if their love story could end badly, Nika said: "We don't wanna go there... but I think it's nice to see that family unit, and them creating some type of normalcy for the Bennett family."

Discussing Ali's budding relationship with Leslie with Vulture recently, Colma Domingo said: "I thought, this is something Ali needs. He needs this connection as much as they do. Once he met Leslie in episode two, he knew she needed support dealing with her girls, even if it’s just one moment of human connection — of coming over, making a meal, and talking to one another. I think he knew he could be the conduit for that."

He then added: "But it’s also something Ali needed. It’s kind of beautiful and serendipitous that Sam Levinson gave Ali a wife and two girls in his past — it is filling a hole that Ali desperately needs repaired. Who knows where it’s going, but Ali knows it’s helpful for him to be in this house as they’re going through something. He knows he can make a difference in some way."

Euphoria's Nika King wants Leslie and Ali to start dating in season 3 (2)
Euphoria's Nika King wants Leslie and Ali to start dating in season 3 (2). Picture: HBO

As for Ali's touching relationship with Gia, Coleman said: "He knows everyone is focused on the problem in the family and no one’s ever thinking about the other person who’s hurting — no one’s giving attention or love to her. All the energy is going to Rue. He’s acknowledging her presence, saying, 'You can be angry, you can feel the way you’re feeling. That’s justified. You can be full in your experience as well.'"

Given how caring Ali is to Rue and Gia, he seems like a perfect fit for Leslie. What do you think? Would Leslie and Ali be well-suited to each other?

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