This 13 Reasons Why Theory Will Change How You See Hannah's Story

13 April 2017, 13:39 | Updated: 18 January 2018, 16:27

Ross Butler 13 Reasons Why
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Did you spot this during the show?

13 Reasons Why is officially the most talked about show on social media. Of course, all that buzz gives life to theories pertaining to the show's protagonist and wider circle. 

While we know how Hannah Baker's story eventually ends, one theory provides a bittersweet backdrop for the story's subjects. 

Ross Butler 13 Reasons Why

via 13 Reasons Why/Netflix

Some eagle eyed fans noticed that the timestamps indicate that the depositions in the show take place in November 2017, aka the future. 

It's been suggested that this could be signalling to the viewer that a story like Hannah's could still be stopped or that you're looking into the future at what could happen.

It's especially jarring when you realize that Hannah Baker's story was originally supposed to end very differently.

Other people are guessing that it might be the release date of a potential season 2. 

This theory is far less likely. 

There has been no official confirmation that a second season has been ordered by Netflix. 

If a November release date were in the works, Netflix would have had to order a second season before the first season even premiered. Plus, careful monitoring of the cast's social media indicates that the show is not currently in production.

On top of that, Jay Asher only wrote one book about Hannah's life, meaning that source material still needs to be written if a second season is truly in the works.

Currently, the prevailing theory about the November depositions seems to be that Hannah isn't gone...yet.

In our current timeline, Hannah Baker still has a chance to be saved and we're looking into the future right now at how Hannah's story unfolds. Of course, we know how Hannah's story ends but this new theory challenges us to see Hannah as anyone in our lives that needs a lifeboat. It's not too late. 

It's a pretty intense thing to consider but it's too deliberate not to mean anything.

What do you reckon, guys? What are your theories about the November depositions?

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