All The Times 'Adventure Time' Was More Punk Rock Than You

12 November 2015, 09:12 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Punk Adventure

By Emily-Jayne Beard

It's punk rock Adventure Time!

Okay, when someone mentions our fav cartoon “Adventure Time’, punk rock isn’t the first thing that springs to mind.

But hold on to your hats cause we’re about to BLOW YOUR MIND.



FIRSTLY: that time Jake The Dog had a mean mohawk.


In fact having 'out there' punk hairdos is totally normal in The Land Of Ooo.


When the King Of Ooo rebelled against gender norms, wore Princess Bubblegum’s clothes and gave no f*cks.


When Jake had some deep feels about the establishment and it all hit him at once.


That time Lumpy Space Princess went totally diy with her look and wasn't afraid to wear ACTUAL GARBAGE.


When Marceline was on the ripped/reused clothes hype too, and not afraid to rock a shaved head.


When Jake didn't place value on material possessions.


When Jake schooled Ice King on his archaic attitude towards women. #realtalk


When the Land Of Ooo squad weren't afraid to tear a place down with their sick punk moves and dance to their own beat.


When Finn was able to slay baddies and stand up for his cause, but also not afraid to show his emotions (punks have feels too!).


Speaking of feelings, how about when Marceline channelled all her raw emotion into heart wrenching music with her killer guitar collection? There's nothing more punk rock than that.


I mean who could forget 'I'm Just Your Problem' *single tear*


Sidenote: Was this scene shot in the 'Emperor's New Clothes' video?


Speaking of music, how about when Jake perfectly personified jamming out to your fave punk rock playlist on max volume.


And how about when Lumpy Space Princess wasn't afraid to experiment with the body mod side of punk rock culture.


Cause she knew at the end of the day she loved herself either way.


And she's never afraid to fight the power for a cause she feels is just.


And finally when they kept it real, cause there's nothing more punk rock than being true to yourself.


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