15 Iconic Severus Snape Moments That You'll Never Forget

13 January 2017, 16:32 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Severus Snape Tribute
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

After all this time? Always.

For many of us, Alan Rickman's performance as the slimy, sallow skinned Potions Teacher at Hogwarts defined our Potter-obsessed childhoods. Whether he was your biggest nightmare, or made your little Slytherin heart cheer with joy, Rickman's masterful skill at bringing Severus Snape to life on screen was a thrill we'll NEVER forget. 

One year on from his passing, let's all throw it back to Rickman's most unforgettable moments as Severus.

Remember first time you were properly introduced to Severus Snape the Potions teacher? You were probably more scared than the fictional students in that class.

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That time he muttered the immortal line you spent the next 3 years quoting at all your friends when they did something suspicious.

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"UP... to something..."

When you thought he was trying to kill Potter, so you hated him. But it turned out he was saving Potter, so you loved him.

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"You were seen... by no less than SEVVVEEENNNN Muggles!"

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Then there was that time you discovered he was a duelling expert and you cheered when he sent Lockhart flying.

And you spent the next week laughing because you thought he said 'Asparagus'.

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That time Neville's Boggart made your entire life. #GrandmaSeverus

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And when he uttered this iconic and unforgettable line.

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There was that moment when he threw himself in front of the trio to save them from Werewolf misery.

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And when he had finally had enough of Ron's FOOLISH behaviour.

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When he tried to train Potter in Occlumency and you just thought this entire performance deserved some kind of award.

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When he completely destroyed Dolores Umbridge in two words like an absolute BOSS.

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When he killed Dumbledore and you HATED him but then realised it was part of the greater plan... so you loved him again.

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When this happened and you thought it was the most BADA$$ move Snape had EVER pulled. 

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This heart wrenching moment that we've all tried to remove from our minds.

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And the one that's impossible to forget. 

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Thank you, Alan Rickman, for bringing Snape to life beyond our wildest imaginations.