17 Dream "American Horror Story" Themes That We Would Actually Kill To See

24 November 2016, 15:55 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 10:54

American Horror Story Dream Themes
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

American Horror Story: Poor Decisions

Now that the latest season of American Horror Story is over, it's time to start speculating about the theme of the next one! (We're still holding out for AHS: Ghost Cruise Ship tbh.) Anyone got any thoughts yet? The internet has a lot of feelings about what the next season should be about and honestly, each one is as horrifying as the next.


1) PLOT: It's a documentary style season following Ryan Murphy trying to write a season finale.


2) PLOT: Sarah Paulson plays every character and everyone manages to survive. 


3) PLOT: This season follows Ryan Murphy as he attempts to lure Jessica Lange back onto the show.


4) PLOT: Angela Bassett's mission, if she chooses to accept it, is to travel around the country putting middle-aged straight white men in their place. It'll be so good, she'll win awards that she's not even eligible for.


5) PLOT: *sighs* You know where this is going...


6) PLOT: It's basically like The Purge. Brendon Urie will guest star.


7) PLOT: Actually, this one is more like American Crime Story.


8) PLOT: It's just a stream of Facebook Lives from the first annual Hunger Games USA. Every tribute is given a brand new iPhone to film the entire thing themselves.


9) PLOT: For 10 episodes, Evan Peters goes through your inbox, full of rejection emails from unpaid internships that require at least 30+ years of experience. 


10) PLOT: The entire cast of Roanoke returns for another sequel, except it's mid-Spring and the pollen count is high. Kathy Bates sneezes in every scene. She wins an Emmy for it.


11) PLOT: Shot on handheld cameras in real time, the season follows Cuba Gooding Jr locked in a bathroom, trying to create a distraction so he can flush the toilet a second time without Lady Gaga noticing.


12) PLOT: A group of millennials head off on the holiday of a lifetime only to discover that the hotel doesn't have any wifi.


13) PLOT: Evan Peters is forced to do a solo presentation in front of his English Lit class every day for the rest of the year or he dies.


14) PLOT: Taissa Farmiga sets up a Tinder account only to be matched with serial killers and fuccbois. Nightmare. 


15) PLOT: A crying Sarah Paulson sitting in a tiny room surrounded by phones ringing off the hook. 


16) PLOT: Kathy Bates spends 6 hours in an online queue for Twenty One Pilots tickets only to realise they've completely sold out.


17) PLOT: It's just you, staring at your reflection in a blank screen because your favourite show just got cancelled.


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