PopBuzz Secret Santa: The American Horror Story Gift Guide

10 December 2015, 15:20 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 10:52

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Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith


Seeing as we're so obsessed with all things American Horror Story at PopBuzz HQ, we thought we'd put together a little gift guide for all of our favourite characters. We put a lot of love and effort into bringing a Merry AHS-Mas to one and all and we're sure you'd all agree that they'll find their gifts very useful. Shall we?

Tate Langdon

A great gift idea for Tate this holiday season is some nice new face paints. We'd recommend getting them in all different colours so he can jazz up his next look! He'd look so cute as a little kitten or something. 

Tate Langdon Gifts

Sister Jude

For Sister Jude, we'd obviously have to pick up a vintage copy of Shirley Ellis' The Name Game... And we also took the liberty of making a reservation at one of Massachusetts' critically acclaimed restaurants so Sister Jude can enjoy the finest Coq au vin known to man. AMEN!

Sister Jude Gifts

Misty Day

What can you get a witch who has it all?! A Front Row meet and greet package to Stevie Nick's next gig, that's what!

Misty Day Gifts

Twisty The Clown

Oh... we'd obviously have to pay for Twisty to have some dental work. And the exchange would have to be online because we really reaaaally don't want to meet him in person. 

Twisty Gifts

Myrtle Snow


Myrtle Snow Gifts

Dr Thredson

Putting together a cute hamper of skin moisturisers and ointments would be such a thoughtful gift for Dr Thredson. We'd also pop a special edition of Jessica Simpson's hit album In This Skin in there too, because reasons. 

Bloodyface Gifts

Fiona Goode

This hat. OBVIOUSLY. #ThereCanOnlyBeOneSupreme #WhenInDoubtWearBlack #HatsAreInB*tches

Fiona Goode Gifts

Dandy Mott

We'd send Dandy a really nicely wrapped gift box and when he opens it, he'd get a MASSIVE PUNCH IN THE FACE BECAUSE HE'S HORRIBLE.

Dandy Mott Gift

The Countess

What can you possibly get a woman who truly has everything one would ever need (aka Matt Bomer, Finn Wittrock, Cheyenne Jackson...)? We know! ANOTHER tall dark and handsome actor with a jawline for days (!!!) just like Jon Hamm or Ian Somerhalder. Perfect. She'd love it.

The Countess Gift

Those Creepy Hotel Children

Throw a couple of bags of blood over the wall with a gift bow on them and get. the hell. out. of. there.

Creepy Children Gifts

Vivien Harmon

Some Holy Water and a bible. LOL BYE VIVIEN.

Vivien Harmon Gift

Jimmy Darling

TBQFH, we’d wrap ourselves up in a big box and mail ourselves straight to his tent. MERRY AHS-MAS!

Jimmy darling Gifts

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