Everything We Know About "American Horror Story" Season 6 So Far

6 July 2016, 12:15 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 10:53

AHS HEader
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

And no... it's not gonna be in space. GET OVER IT.


If you're anything like us, you'll be literally gasping - GASPING FOR INFORMATION - on the super secret theme of 'AHS's sixth season right now so we've pulled together every little piece of info we know in one pretty article...

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When Will It Air, Ryan?

BRAND NEW INFORMATION: We originally assumed that Season 6 will drop in October 2016 but in a cruel twist of fate, the air date for Season 6 has been MOVED UP to September 14th. THAT'S TWO MONTHS AWAY! WHAT?!

Side note: Murphy hinted that we might end up with two seasons for the 2016 TV roster. But between two (potential) seasons of AHS, ACS, Scream Queens and the 17 other secret Ryan Murphy projects Sarah Paulson is probably working on... we doubt that'll ever happen.

What's The Damn Theme, RYAN?

1) The team is currently working on TWO themes. Ryan revealed that he doesn't "...want to say what it maybe is. Both things that we’re writing right now – we haven’t declared a winner – will have a different form, so we’re excited about that." He also added that he KNOWS which one will be the winner. They both include elements of children.

2) We know that Season 6 will take place in TWO time periods. Revealed by FX Bossman, John Landgraf, the show will run be 'set in the present', with 'echoes of the past'. But we mean, that happens every season so what's new?!

3) It's NOT about Slenderman. We told y'all that some 'info' had been leaked about Season 6's theme but that has since been DENIED by an anonymous source. That's not to say that Slenderman won't be the ~main~ focus of the series. We're not counting it out yet.

4) We also know that Scream Queens Season 2 has so generously shifted from a 'Summer Camp' theme to a 'Hospital' theme, leaving the former open for AHS' evil plans. This lil' shake up plays right into Ryan's "less opulent and more rogue and dark" reveal. #BlairWitchGoesToSummerCamp

5) Ryan also revealed that the majority of the clues for Season 6 could be found in Season 1. "This year, with season six, it's weird because one idea that I think we're going to do is an idea that we started talking about in season one. So, the clue for season six is not just in the material we're doing now; it's from way back in season one." (BRB - rewatching Murder House and Hotel simultaneously.)

6) To add fuel to the theory fire, some clever little photoshop champ has created a fake poster featuring American Horror Story: Cruise. We want it.

7) Season 6 has already begun shooting in Los Angeles. Kiss goodbye to those Area 51/space theories, guys!

Which Freakin' Actors Are Returning, RYAANNNN?!


Lady Gaga is OFFICIALLY back on board! *SCREAMING* There's still no word on who, when or in what capacity she will return but at least we can now sleep easy knowing that The Countess' legacy will be living on. 

Angela Bassett has already revealed that she will be returning for Season 6. She also let slip that she will be playing an alcoholic and that Sarah Paulson may or may not be the boss of her. She'll also be directing an episode this season. (Low-key hoping that she's playing a MAIN character this season instead of her usual supporting role tho.) During the Paley Fest Panel, Ryan Murphy announced that “...every darling person up here that wants to come back can come back.” Meaning we may get some more sweet Finn Wittrock action as well as Cheyenne Jackson, Matt BomerWes Bentley, Sarah Paulson (<3), Denis O'Hare (Yaaas!) and KATHY BATES (!!!!). Sweet Prince Evan Peters was not at Paleyfest but is expected to return with his sixth attractive psychopathic creation. Emma Roberts was also rumoured to return to Hotel but had to back out due to scheduling conflicts - will there be comeback on the cards?

And as for Jessica Lange? She's out.

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