Dear Ryan Murphy, Our Ideas For The Next Season of American Horror Story are AMAZING

11 November 2015, 13:35 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 10:55

AHS HEader 1
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

Season 6 is checking in!


AHS just got renewed for Season 6 by FX and we are LOSING OUR MINDS!

We thought we'd give Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck a helping hand in deciding which creative direction they'd like to take for the next instalment. Read our genius suggestions and leave your own ideas at the end of this post!


AHS Cult

First of all, could you imagine Dennis O'Hare as one of those creepy charismatic Cult Leaders with Kathy Bates as his wife and second-hand-man? Surely the most terrifying scenario AHS could ever hope to deliver to our screens. AHS: Cult would be jam packed with colourful characters... a young impressionable teen (we're angling for a Taissa Farmiga comeback here), the untrustworthy son of the leader (Evan Peters, amiright?!) and there's even room for Jessica Lange to come back and play a sadistic initiation tasker. MAKE IT HAPPEN, RYAN!

SEASON FINALE PLOT TWIST: It's just a social experiment controlled by Gabourey Sidibe, who we see sitting in front of Minority Report style interactive computer wearing fur coats and gold chains. Sneaky!


AHS Summer Camp

Erm, HELLO! THIS IS THE MOST PERFECT SETTING FOR SEASON 6! We're imagining Parent Trap meets The Blair Witch Project meets Scream. Picture this: The teens arrive for a summer full of campfires, water sports on the lake, late night poker games... only to find that the campsite is haunted and there's a deadly creature that lives in the lake, created by Misty Day from Coven, that has reproduced and is claiming lives left right and centre. 

SEASON FINALE PLOT TWIST: Sarah Paulson, the creepy camp counsellor, is actually the lake creature. BAM! 


AHS Area 51

Alright, alright... we get it, you weren't crazy about E.T.'s cameo in Asylum but hear us out. At the end of Freak Show, Massimo says that he'd been involved in building houses for nuclear testing, and honestly, the thought of walking around a deserted Nuclear Test Community is a nightmare sitch. We would explore Massimo's backstory who is working with someone awesome, like Zachary Quinto, testing nuclear sh*t and exploring extraterrestrial activity. 

SEASON FINALE PLOT TWIST: Some of the neighbours may or may not already be aliens that have infiltrated the human world. Angela Bassett would be the Queen Alien, obvz. So to summarise, ALIENS. ALIENS ARE EVERYWHERE. 


AHS OutBreak

Imagine more I Am Legend and less The Walking Dead. Jessica Lange would play the last scientist on earth who is able to create a serum that will save what's left of the population. Across the country, we'd find Evan Peters trying to lead a group of people back to safety. Chaos ensues. 

SEASON FINALE PLOT TWIST: Kathy Bates is actually the one spreading the 'deadly chemicals' for a YouTube prank video. What an absolute troll. 



AHS Cruise

So basically, Tom Cruise would play every single charac---- LOL jk! Let's set the scene... an ocean liner gets stranded off the US coast with no power. Lady Gaga plays a glamorous Cruise ship singer who is mysteriously murdered during the interval of her act and a MASSIVE murder mystery style storyline ensues. Everyone who has ever been in past season of AHS would appear, each one of them with a motive because Gaga has slayed the entire world with Hotel. 

SEASON FINALE PLOT TWIST: The entire season actually turns out to be the beginning sequence of Lady Gaga's newest music video. 


AHS Jessica Lange

The scariest, most terrifying season we could think of. NO THANK YOU PLEASE! 



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