Avengers: Age Of Ultron Trailer Set To 'Titanic' Soundtrack Fits Heartbreakingly Well

4 November 2014, 14:48 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Netflix Avengers

By Jason Gregory

I'll never let go, Jack.


The internet blew up with excitement this week when HYDRA an unknown source leaked the first teaser trailer for the much-anticipated 'Avengers' sequel, 'Age Of Ultron'.

But amidst the hype for the movie coming out next May, one lone person apparently stood up and thought to themselves, "This trailer would fit really well with 'My Heart Will Go On'". AND IT DOES.


The original trailer already sets a mood of despair and tragedy, with Ultron's spooky monologue and a chilling version of Pinocchio's "No Strings on Me". But when Vimeo creator Martin Revelation Films replaces that with Celine Dion's belting ballad from one of the most romantic disaster movies of all time, you get beautifully-timed moments like this:


Personally I can't decide which version of the movie I'd rather watch, but the edited trailer is below to help you decide.

[Avengers: My Ultron Will Go On from Martin Revelation Films on Vimeo].

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