PopBuzz Top 17 'Movies Of The Year' 2017

15 December 2017, 15:40 | Updated: 22 December 2017, 10:43

IT, Get Out, Wonder Woman
IT, Get Out, Wonder Woman. Picture: Warner Bros/Universal

By James Wilson-Taylor

From 'Star Wars' to 'Split' and 'Girls Trip' to 'GOTG', here is our official ranking of all the year's finest films.

While many movie fans will remember 2017 as the year of high profile box office flops, Hollywood harassment scandals and that Oscars Best Picture mixup, the last 12 months have nontheless given us more than our fair share of incredible filmmaking.

But what was the best movie of the year? Well, after a lengthy office debate, we have put together our complete list of the top 17 of the year.

How many have you seen? Check out the list below:

17) Beauty And The Beast


Fans of the classic animated musical were given an extra treat as Emma Watson and Dan Stevens brought the iconic title characters to life. The real highlight though? Luke Evans' cocky, full-voiced Gaston. Available on Blu-Ray, DVD and Download now. (James Wilson-Taylor)

16) Okja


Underneath the heartwarming story of Okja, a super pig with human levels of intelligence and empathy, was a savage critique of consumerism, the meat industry and cynical marketing practices, which had us crying and laughing in equal measure. If this film doesn’t make you think twice about your next bacon sandwich then I honestly don’t know what will, you heartless bastard. Now streaming on Netflix. (Woodrow Whyte)

15) The Lego Batman Movie


Who would have thought that, in a post Nolan-trilogy world, the best Batman film of the decade would feature Will Arnett as the caped crusader, a theme song by Patrick Stump and a climatic battle against Voldemort (and a million others). Sharp, smart and filled with love for the source material. Available on Blu-Ray, DVD and Download now. (JWT)

14) Pitch Perfect 3


The third, and potentially last, instalment in the Pitch Perfect franchise goes out with a BANG. Literally. If we had a penny for every time Rebel Wilson made us laugh out loud in the space of 90 minutes with her one liners, we could probably afford to produce a fourth movie ourselves. In cinemas December 20th. (Katie Louise Smith)

13) Girls Trip


Many movies have tried to try emulate the hilarity and success of Bridesmaids since it’s release in 2011 but most of them have fallen short. Girls Trip didn’t. And unless you are Tiffany Haddish, please don’t even try it in the world of comedy on the big screen in 2018. Available on Blu-Ray, DVD and Download now. (KLS)

12) Call Me By Your Name


Set against the stunning vistas of rural northern Italy, and starring an almost impossibly handsome Armie Hammer frolicking about in teeny tiny shorts, this exquisitely shot coming-of-age flick gave us gay romance without the typical emotional and social baggage that we’ve come to expect from queer cinema (thanks, Brokeback Mountain). Simple, earnest and perfectly scored, Call Me By Your Name captures all of the hyperemotional rigmarole of teenage love without ever feeling overdone. In selected cinemas, home release available for pre-order now. (Josh Lee)

11) Dunkirk


The conversation online may have mostly revolved around Harry Styles' (very decent) performance, but this tale of one fateful day at war, told from multiple perspectives, was a gut-punching masterclass in historical cinema. Christopher Nolan proves once again why he is the most revered director in the game. Available on Blu-Ray, DVD and Download now. (JWT)

10) Paddington 2


The original was a surprisingly sweet and charming affair, offering a wonderful parable about accepting outsiders. This joyful sequel took that winning formula and added a hilarious performance from the villainous Hugh Grant, complete with a storming musical finale and a couple of majorly tear-jerking moments. In cinemas December 20th. (JWT)

9) Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 2


Two words - Baby Groot. The Marvel sequel had more classic music, bigger setpieces, an overwhelming number of great gags and one of the smartest and most entertaining opening credits sequences in mainstream cinema this year. They even found time for a brilliant Mary Poppins gag too. Available on Blu-Ray, DVD and Download now. (JWT)

8) Thor: Ragnarok


The hammer god finally took the frown of his chiselled face and started having fun in Taika Waititi's colourful, light-hearted and fun ride of an action movie. Hulk smashes, Loki lingers menacingly and franchise newcomer Tessa Thompson makes a memorable mark. Available on Blu-Ray, DVD and Download from February 26th. (JWT)

7) Split


The movie that launched a thousand memes, M.Night Shyamalan returned to form in this creepy psychological thriller. James McAvoy manages to channel multiple personalities to great effect, leaving you in a constant state of discomfort and hungry for the upcoming spin-off. Available on Blu-Ray, DVD and Download now. (JWT)

6) Star Wars: The Last Jedi


Director Rian Johnson delivers the Star Wars movie we've been waiting for. A completely original story, fleshing out the newer characters in the saga and taking all manner of unexpected turns, The Last Jedi may well be the best film in the franchise to date. A fight sequence involving Kylo, Rey and a group of guards decked out all in red is worth the price of admission alone. In cinemas December 20th. (JWT)

5) Baby Driver


With a soundtrack so perfect that it's basically a musical, Edgar Wright poured his love of action cinema, mixed in every pop culture reference in his head and created a charming and exciting piece of cinema with Ansel Elgort proving to be every bit the charismatic lead you would expect. Available on Blu-Ray, DVD and Download now. (JWT)

4) Spider-Man: Homecoming


We may have already seen him step into the role during Civil War but this was the moment Tom Holland really became Spider-Man, giving a charismatic and affable performance. Throw in one hell of a plot twist in the third act and Zendaya throwing shady looks in the background and the web-slinger looks to be in very safe hands indeed. Available on Blu-Ray, DVD and Download now. (JWT)

3) IT


In a great year for the horror genre, this Stephen King adaptation managed to break box office records and gain many plaudits from critics and audiences alike. Bill Skarsgård's Pennywise was appropriately terrifying but it was the young actors of The Losers Club who gave this film real heart, their lives in the small town of Derry proving to be equal parts tragic and hilarious. Available on Blu-Ray, DVD and Download from January 15th. (JWT)

2) Wonder Woman


An unexpectedly timely and endelessly entertaining blockbuster period piece, featuring a stellar performance from Gal Gadot as well as some fine supporting work from Robin Wright and Chris Pine. Easily the best DC superhero movie of the modern era and leaves audiences desperate for the upcoming sequel. Available on Blu-Ray, DVD and Download now. (JWT)

1) Get Out


Jordan Peele’s genre-bending social thriller, was as sharp and thought provoking as it was terrifying. Get Out is transformative in its willingness to mix timely and apt social commentary with familiar elements of the horror genre. Peele’s directorial debut was a dynamic and well written, edge-of-your-seat thriller that couldn’t have come at a better time. Available on Blu-Ray, DVD and Download now. (Nicky Idika)

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