35 unanswered questions about Bird Box that will STILL keep you up at night

9 January 2019, 11:56

By Katie Louise Smith

First things first, how did this whole thing even start? Where did the monsters even come from? WE NEED ANSWERS!

Bird Box. Bird Box. Bird Box. Netflix's record-breaking apocalyptic horror movie starring Sandra Bullock has taken the internet by storm since it was released in December but the film left audiences with more questions than it gave them answers.

Over the past two weeks, we've learned more and more about the film; we learned that there was meant to be an actual scene that showed the monsters (or at least one of them), we've found out that the monsters looked like this, we've (kinda) been told what happened to Lucy and Felix when they left the house and we've also sleuthed what happened to the couple that ran out of the house at the beginning of the film. But despite all of that new information, there's still loads of questions that fans have about the movie.

So, without further ado, here is every single pressing question I had about Bird Box, which I'm sure crossed your mind at some point too. And if they didn't, well... they have now.

Bird Box unanswered questions
Bird Box unanswered questions. Picture: Netflix

1) First things first, how did this whole thing even start?

It's never explained in the film where the monsters came from, or how they originated. It's speculated by Douglas that it's a "biowarfare" thing but it seems way more mythical and biblical than that. WHERE DID THEY COME FROM?! WHO ARE THEY?

2) How did they spread so quickly?

Only the monsters can cause people to kill themselves. People can't look at someone who is "infected" and become "infected" themselves. So, did they just fly across the ocean? Swim? Did they get on a boat? ON A PLANE? Oh my god, what happens if you look at one while you're on a plane?!

3) When Lydia saw the monster and killed herself, Douglas and Greg were also staring out of the window, so liiiiiike, why didn't they kill themselves too?

They were literally looking in the same direction. HOW DO THESE MONSTERS WORK? WHY DID DOUGLAS AND GREG SURVIVE? Can they kill multiple people at once? Or do they take people one by one?

4) What happened to those two parents who left the house after going to find their children?

I actually went sleuthing for an answer to this one and I found it, but I'm still gonna leave this question in here because you definitely missed it. Remember those bodies lying on the road when they drive to the supermarket? The one Tom runs over was the husband and the wife was lying dead beside him. RIP!

5) Did the monsters end up wiping out the whole world or what?

If so, how long did it take?

6) Were there any more groups of survivors?

There must be... surely? What if Bird Box 2 was about a different set of survivors? What if it was about a group of 6 teenagers in England who only survived because they never open their bedroom curtains and haven't left the house since 2005?

Why did Malorie even pick up the birds in the first place?
Why did Malorie even pick up the birds in the first place? Picture: Netflix

7) Why did Malorie take the birds, before she even knew of their capabilities?

Malorie only learns about how the birds can sense danger about 10 minutes later when Fish Fingers comes barrelling through the holding bay door. But like, what are the odds of her picking them up in the first place? Did she just want a few pets?


There's no WAY they managed to find a five year supply of food for the birds to eat. OR MAYBE THEY DID WHO KNOWS?

9) How did they get all the supplies into the car after going to the supermarket?

I can barely do that with my eyes open.

10) What happened to Lucy and Felix?

Seriously. It's killing me. If we got closure on the couple who left the house at the beginning, we deserve closure on Lucy and Felix.

11) Where did they go? Did they go to the supermarket?

In an interview with People, director Susanne Bier teased where she believes the couple went after they stole the car from the garage: "I think [the grocery store] was their plan, but we don't know," she said. "I think that that's where they wanna go, but I actually think it's quite exciting that we don't know exactly where they went." But for all we know, they could have ended up someone where else.

12) Did they survive?


How did Gary manage to hide his eyes?!
How did Gary manage to hide his eyes?! Picture: Netflix

13) Why did Gary have normal eyes when he turned up at the house?

Gary, who as we ALL know was "infected", turned up at the house looking fine. His eyes were not suspicious and he was totally chill. So why was he able to hide the fact that he was one of the people who could see? The guy who attacked Malorie in the boat had weird eyes, yet Gary didn't? WHAT IS HAPPENING?

14) Why didn't the birds start kicking off when Gary was in the house?

The birds started chirping when Fish Finger was trying to kill everyone in the supermarket, so why didn't they start tweeting when Gary was around?

15) Why did Gary have so many different variations of the monster on his sketch pad?

Was Gary playing a 'collect 'em all' type game with the monsters? How many monsters exist? Is it just one? Or was he able to see the different forms they take when they're showing themselves to another victim? Am I over thinking this? Yes.



17) How did Tom's hair stay so perfect?


18) And how did he stay so fit?


19) And how did Malorie not get pregnant again?

You were all thinking it... Listen, Malorie is like what? In her 40s? All I'm saying is, finding FIVE YEARS worth of birth control in the middle of the apocalypse can't be easy. I would like to know the answer to this. Thanks!


Did they not encounter anyone else? How did they manage to stay put in that house for five years when there were people driving around in cars looking for survivors? HOW DID NO ONE FIND THEM?


21) How did they do supermarket runs without the car?

After 5 years, the radius of houses that they must have looted would be like... miles wide. Unless they were each taking it in turns to make a blindfolded dash to the store to pick up some canned goods and make it back before the creepy people found them?

22) How were those Pop Tarts even edible after 5 years?

Honestly. And an OPEN box, no less.

23) How did the birds manage to stay alive after being submerged in water?

These birds have been THROUGH IT.

24) Why did it take 5 years for Rick to get that call out to Malorie?

You're telling me they NEVER got a radio call in the five years they had those walkie-talkies? What took Rick so long?!

25) Also, why was he sending out calls when anyone of the infected could have shown up and barged in?

To be fair, Rick makes a point of telling Tom that someone will have to look when they go through the rapids. Rick then replies saying "I'm glad you said that" when Tom tells him that they'll be wearing blindfolds - presumably because anyone who didn't need to wear a blindfold, would be totally cool with looking. Good effort from Rick on that part BUT he only said the rapids were the fastest way. He didn't say they were the only way...

26) How did Dr Lapham get to the school for the blind?

The monsters started killing the second Malorie left the hospital, where Dr Lapham was still on a shift. At the end of the film, we see her chilling at the school for the blind but how did she get there? When did she get there? Were all the doctors transported to the safe house? Or did she row like everyone else?

Dr Lapham in Bird Box
Dr Lapham in Bird Box. Picture: Netflix

27) Also, why is there a school for the blind in the middle of the forest?

It seems so... random?

28) How have the people that live there survived for that many years?

How have they managed to sustain all those inhabitants with clothing, food, supplies and medicine for THAT long?

29) If they can't leave the compound, where did they get their food? Where did they get their clothing?

Trying to get in to the damn compound was hard enough. You expect me to believe there's a group of people willing to go exploring and scavenging on a weekly basis? I think not!

30) IMPORTANT QUESTION: How do the entities affect animals?

There are no animals in the movie but in the original novel by Josh Malerman, Malorie has a dog who ends up chewing through his own leg after seeing an entity. Are we to assume that all the animals died?

31) Did the horse die too?

Remember that horse we saw running along the road when everything started going wrong? Did it die? Or was Jess right when she said that we'd all wanna be on horses once the apocalypse came around?


Were those seeing-eye dogs at the school for the blind already there? Did people blindfold them while they made their way to the safe house? Did anyone navigate the river with a dog in tow? These are all very important questions that we need to know.

33) Why the fuck were the birds so unaffected?

This is literally never explained. The movie is called BIRD BOX and there is no explanation as to what made them so special?!

34) How do you differentiate between a chirpy chirp and a panicked chirp?

Until I own a bird of my own, I may never know...


Literally the most annoying unanswered question of all... what exactly are the monsters? There's been a few explanations and reveals from the cast and crew but never a solid answer.

Director Susanne Bier explained that the decision to never see the monsters made much more sense than showing them on-screen. “Whatever those beings are, they tap into your deepest fear. Everybody’s deepest fear is going to be different from the other person. I think to suddenly take upon a concrete shape in order to illustrate that becomes weak." Makes sense, right?

But now that we've seen the special effects creature that was intended to be shown in the movie... it raises a load more questions. If it's a physical being, how is able to infect to many people so quickly AND travel across oceans? Or is that just Malorie's interpretation of the monster? If yes, does that mean everyone sees their own monsters? Does the monster turn into smoke and winds to travel around?