Hidden Easter Eggs From Black Mirror's "Black Museum" Episode

2 January 2018, 14:39 | Updated: 2 January 2018, 21:44

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Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

All the hidden references you didn't see the first time around.

If Black Mirror's 'Black Museum' episode has taught us anything, it's that the world Charlie Brooker has so carefully constructed is connected in more ways than we thought possible. 

Audiences have suspected that everything we've seen in the series exists in the same universe, but the final episode of season 4 has given us the confirmation we needed to begin constructing our conspiracy boards. 

Here are just some of the easter eggs from 'Black Museum' that you might have missed the first time around.  


1) Tommy's lollipop from 'USS Callister' appears in the museum. 

Black mirror Easter Egg 3

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This is a callback to S04e01 where Robert Daly clones his co-founder's son for nefarious purposes. The same red lollipop has been preserved for display in Rolo's museum. 

Black mirror Easter Egg 12

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2) The bloody tablet from 'Arkangel' is on display.

Black mirror Easter Egg 1

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You'll remember this gruesome relic as the instrument Sara uses to bludgeon her mother in 'Arkangel' (S04ep02).

3) The bloody bathtub from 'Crocodile' is on display.

Black mirror Easter Egg 2

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This bathtub recalls the grim scene in 'Crocodile' (s04ep03) where Mia Nolan murders the husband of the insurance investigator who has discovered her horrible secret. 

4) Jack is reading "15m Merits" in the teddy bear story.

Black mirror Easter Egg 4

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"Fifteen Million Merits" is the name of Black Mirror's second episode from its first season. The comic he is reading is based on the episode (s01e02). 

via Channel 4/Netflix/Black Mirror

5) "Clayton Leigh Guilty Of Stockly Murder" and "Autonomous Military Dogs" news ticker call back.

Black mirror Easter Egg 7

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This one is so small, you almost certainly missed it. The news bulletin in the teddy bear story previews the execution of Clayton Leigh and the bottom ticker recalls the 'Metalhead' (s04ep05) episode. The news ticker reads, "autonomous military dog robot unveiled." We all know how that one ends, don't we? 

6) "Hector" and "Kenny" are the names of the mice, a call back to Black Mirror's "Shut Up And Dance" episode. 

Black mirror Easter Egg 6

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The mice that Rolo experiments on are called "Hector" and "Kenny". Hector and Kenny are the names of the two main characters in "Shut Up And Dance" (s03e03).

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7) TCKR App in the teddy bear story is a call back from 'San Junipero' (s03ep04). They are the company that developed the technology we saw in season 3's best episode. 

Black mirror Easter Egg 5

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Note the TCKR logo in the data storage centre from the San Junipero episode.

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8) Rolo worked in medical technology at St. Juniper's Hospital--the facility that San Junipero (s03e04) is named after. 

Black mirror Easter Egg 11

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9) Joel Collins Mugshot...

Black mirror Easter Egg 10

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Joel Collins is the Production designer for Black Mirror. He's pretty much responsible for every cool gadget and gizmo you see in the show. That would make him quite a notorious figure in the Black Museum. 

10) Same consciousness tech from USS Callister 

Black mirror Easter Egg 8

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Black Mirror Sensor

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11) "Prison of your own making" revenge outcome in 'Black Museum' recalls 'USS Callister' ending. 

Black mirror Easter Egg 9

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This one is a bit more subtle than the others. It has to do with Robert Daly and Rolo Haynes being trapped in a prison of their own making. In USS Callister, after losing control of the evil mod he created, Robert is trapped in a corrupt version of this world, his consciousness lost forever. Something similar happens to Rolo in 'Black Museum'. When Nish is able to exact her revenge, she ensures that Rolo experiences the terror of being "trapped" for all eternity in the very sort of contraption that he condemned Clayton to.