15 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Moments That Will Make You Laugh In Between Your Sobs

11 May 2018, 19:50 | Updated: 11 May 2018, 19:53

Brooklyn Nine Nine
Picture: Fox/Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika


You've probably heard the news that Brooklyn Nine Nine is out at Fox after five glorious seasons. The internet isn't willing to lose the beloved show without a fight, and some networks are even eyeing the comedy for a pick up (helloooo, Hulu).

Amidst all the chaos and panic, let's all try and remember why we loved (and still love!) B99.

1) I think we can all agree than none of us want to live in a world where Gina Linetti is not on television.

via Fox/Brooklyn Nine Nine

She's the human version of the 100 emoji, what can we say?

2) And no one delivers a dry punchline like Captain Holt.

via Fox

No offense but Captain Holt is my dad and I love him.

3) If you don't think about this scene once a day, you're a sucker.

Sidebar, where did they find such good singers for this cold open?!

4) Boyle's wholesomeness is unparalleled and that's a fact, not an opinion.

So sweet and so unaware. He's like the world's sweetest puppy.

5) Jake is you AF. Admit it.

We love a frugal (broke) king.

6) Two LGBT characters of colour in PRIME TIME? Yeah, Fox better run me my show.

But seriously, Holt and Diaz thriving as gay and bisexual characters on one of the most beloved and progressive comedy shows is just a lot for my heart.

7) Hitchcock and Scully. RT if you agree.

Name a more iconic duo. I will not wait.


Don't lie. You've given your best friend that look before.

9) Jake's police work is unparalleled.

10 minutes with Peralta and you'd crack.

10) "It's a box of shapes and it contains ONLY...the truth."

We love a dynamic.

11) Cool cool coool cool cool cool

cooool cool cool

12) Find me a better group dynamic than this.

13) Underrated scene partners.

*Flexes pecks*

14) I think about Gina taking off her brown wig to reveal her natural brown hair at least once a day.

via Fox

Like, what a power move.

15) Jake and Amy are so soft. I need a moment.

Fox may be ready to pass on another season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but we're still holding out major hope for a pick up from one of the major streaming services. I mean, how could anyone let this gold disappear before its time?