13 Times Cow and Chicken Were A Complete Disgrace And We Loved It

30 September 2015, 16:14 | Updated: 27 November 2018, 17:07

cow and chicken
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

Prepare yourself for some hardcore Cow and Chicken filth.

"Momma had a chicken, Momma had a cow. Dad was proud, he didn't care how" 

That's the first line from the opening credits of 90s surrealist children's show Cow and Chicken. You'd think that alone would prepare viewers for the madness that was about to ensue. It never did. It always got real weird.

Cow and Chicken might be the strangest cartoon to have ever graced our TV screens. For the uninitiated, the show followed a cute-but-dumb cow, literally named 'Cow', and her sardonic brother who was a chicken, named 'Chicken'. They had parents who you only ever saw from the waist down, who never seemed to question the fact that they had farm yard animals for children.

Each episode Cow and Chicken would encountered ever-more bizarre situations, usually involving their "flamboyant" nemesis, Red Guy, who would try to scam them whilst disguised as different people. The episode names give a good impression of what went down; "The Ugly Weenie", "Squirt The Daisies", "Tongue Sandwich", "Grizzly Beaver Safari", "Meet Lance Sackless", 'Horn Envy', you get the picture.

We didn't realise the first time round just how rude the show was. One episode was even banned. Entitled "Buffalo Girls", it followed a gang of biker girls who broke into houses to literally "munch on carpets". Wow. All four series are stacked with innuendo like this. Of course, we've got some examples to show you.

1) Firstly, Cow is always rubbing her udders.

2) And Chicken seems to spend a lot of time near or on Cow's butt.

3) Bootylicious wasn't a thing back then but that's the only way we can describe Red Guy.

4) Chicken was always dragging his sister, particularly during her short-lived modelling career. 

5) Ummm, no?

6) Me.

7) You're prime beef, Cow. Don't listen to them!

8) Halloween costume sorted.

9) Oh my.

10) God knows what she's doing in this one.

11) And who can forget I.R Baboon's perky red butt?

12) They only ever ate "Pork Butts and Tatters".

13) And finally, a scene from the banned Buffalo Girls scene. To be honest, we think it was probably right that this got banned.


But we are ready for a Cow and Chicken comeback. People need to remember this show for what it truly is: the most outrageously funny cartoon ever made. Someone organise a new series ASAP!