'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' Season 4: Release Date, Theories, And Everything We Know So Far

17 July 2018, 15:57

Crazy Ex Girlfriend Season 4: Everything We Know So Far
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Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

CW's 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' is coming to an end after season 4 and fans can expect a LOT before the series wraps for good. So, when will 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' be back on our screens and what has Rachel Bloom revealed about season 4?

This article contains spoilers for CW's Crazy Ex Girlfriend .

Crazy Ex Girlfriend returns this autumn for its 4th and final season. Viewers were left wondering what would become of Rachel Bunch after her confession of attempted murder put her in a very precarious position in the season 3 finale.

With Rachel facing her toughest battle yet, season 4 of the popular CW dramedy clearly has a lot in store for our favourite West Covina residents.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
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When does Crazy Ex-Girlfriend season 4 premiere?

On April 2, 2018, Rachel Bloom revealed that Crazy Ex-Girlfriend had been renewed for a fourth season at CW. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend returns to the CW on Friday October 12, 2018. It will join CW's regular fall line up and run through spring.

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How many episodes will be in season 4 of 'Crazy Ex Girlfriend'.

On July 16, Rachel Bloom confirmed on Twitter that an 18 episode order had been put in for the final season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

The first season of the show also had 18 episodes. However, season 2 and 3 were 13 episodes long. At the end of season 4, there will have been 54 complete episodes of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

Why is 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' ending after 4 seasons?

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend co-creators Rachel Bloom and Aline Brosh McKenna pretty much conceived of 4 seasons for the show from the beginning.

Speaking to Vanity Fair, Rachel said that Crazy Ex-Girlfriend had been pitched in four cycles.

"This is about a young woman in a very specific time in her life, going through a crisis. And that just doesn’t sustain itself for nine seasons. I’m an avid TV watcher, and I feel like a lot of shows peak around Season 4, Season 5, and just last way too long.”

Sorry, folks. Anyone hoping that there might be another season after the upcoming 4th can find solace in the fact that the ending will be handled with care and love from the deeply invested co-creators.

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What will season 4 of 'Crazy Ex Girlfriend Be About'?

Season 3 of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend centered around Rachel trying to cope with her borderline personality disorder diagnosis. As Rachel's story further unfolds, fans are starting to think about what the last episodes and scenes of the series will be.

Some redditors have thought about season 4 ending with a reprise of 'West Covina' with changed lyrics to reflect everything Rachel Bunch has been through.

Viewers are also hoping to see a bit of Valencia's family in season 4 and wondering, quite rightly, how things with Nathaniel will turn out in the end.

Of course, Rachel is still in legal peril after her season 3 guilty plea, but many fans are convinced the young lawyer isn't actually headed to prison.

"We always only wanted to do 4 season because every season has a different aspect of being 'a crazy ex girlfriend'. Season 1 was all about denial, season 2 was about love, being obsessed [...], season 3 was about the spiral, and season 4 is all about renewal," she told The Hollywood Reporter.

Rachel Bloom is playing it close to the vest when it comes to revealing details about season 4, but fans can likely expect the series to end on an emotional but hopeful note.

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