Daybreak Soundtrack: Every song that features in the Netflix show

24 October 2019, 23:15

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

All the songs in Daybreak season 1, including tunes by 2Pac, The Shins, St, Vincent, and My Chemical Romance.

Netflix's post-apocalyptic teen dramedy, Daybreak dropped this week and viewers will already know that it has a killer soundtrack. Colin Ford stars as Josh Wheeler, a teen who spends most of his post-apocalyptic days tirelessly searching for his girlfriend Sam (Sophie Simnet) and avoiding mind-melted Ghoulies. The songs in Daybreak do a fantastic job of underscoring the real human drama that takes place on the show and we know you're curious about every song you've heard on the instant classic.

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The show's thrilling, and often funny, scenes are paired with music from artists like Morrissey, My Chemical Romance, Tessa Violet, 2Pac, and Ra Ra Riot. Quite the eclectic mix. If you were dying to know all the songs in Netflix's Daybreak, you're in luck.

Here's all the music you heard on Daybreak season 1 episodes 1-10. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!


Daybreak Episode 1 songs:

2Pac ft. Dr. Dre - 'California Love' The first song that plays at the beginning of the first episode.

Unwed Teenage Mothers - ' Young Girls In Space' This is what's playing during the flashback when Josh is running across the parking lot to get to school.

Smashing Pumpkins - 'Today' (cover) This is the song that the band perform at American Ninja Idol before all hell breaks loose.

Young The Giant - 'Simplify' The song playing during Sam and Josh's montage.

Wolfmother - 'Remove Your Mask' The song playing when Josh, Wesley, and Angelica are throwing blood balloons at everyone.

Khalid - 'Free Spirit' When Josh is showing Sam all the post-it notes from his mum and they hold hands on his bed.

Daybreak Episode 2 songs:

James Grinder & Paul Rawson & John David - 'Let's Get Twisted' The song playing at the huge party and Mona Lisa is talking.

The Mountain Goats - 'This Year' This is the song used when Josh and Sam have their first kiss and Josh is in the bathroom trying to cut off his hand.

Daybreak Episode 3 songs

Viv And The Revival - 'I Want It' 'I Want It' is the song playing at the beginning of the episode when Ms. Crumble/The Witch is about to eat Josh's finger in a hot dog bun.

De La Soul, Jungle Brothers & Q-Tip - 'Buddy' This is what's playing when Angelica is selling her edible slime at the school.

The Jujus - 'If You Really Want Me'
The song that plays when Angelica is in the car driving with Wesley.

Andrew Lockington - Cheermazons
This is what's playing when the cheerleaders get out of the van.

My Chemical Romance - 'Teenagers' 'Teenagers' by My Chemical Romance is what plays when Angelica is beating up Demi in the cafeteria.

The Triplett Twins - 'Pretty Please' The song playing when Wesley is driving himself and Angelica back.

The Who - 'Baba O'Reilly'
The song with "teenage wasteland" lyrics is what's playing when Angelica and Wesley lie about finding Sam's body.

Daybreak episode 4 songs:

Big Star - 'Thirteen'
This the song playing at the beginning of episode 4 when principal Burr is explaining that he is dead and the part he played in the rise of Baron Triumph.

Dies Irae feat. Black Prez - 'Apashe'
This the song playing when Josh unveils his mannequin finger and they go out in search of Baron Triumph.

Top Flite Empire feat. Nef the Pharaoh - 'LIT' The song playing when Baron realises he can do whatever he wants after Principal Burr takes his father's bribe.

Big Star - 'Thirteen'
The song playing when Josh gets the keys from Principal Burr and frees all the prisoners.

St. Vincent - 'Hang On Me' The song playing when Ms. Crumble aka The Witch tells Angelica that they should be monsters.

Band of Horses - 'Is There A Ghost'
The song playing when Josh walks back into the mall with everyone he helped free from Principal Burr's prison.

Daybreak episode 5 songs:

Black Prez LH - 'The King' The song playing when Wesley locks Eli out of the mall.

Alt-J - Breezeblocks The song playing when Josh and KJ are skateboarding through the mall and Eli tries to kill them but Wesley races to save them.

KJ Rambo - 'Hiroshima' The song playing when Eli and Wesley smoke weed to figure out how to kill Josh.

Haiku Hands - 'Not About You' This is what's playing when Wesley is DJing homecoming.

Extreme - 'More Than Words' The song playing at Turbo's Homecoming.

Backstreet Boys - 'I Want It That Way (Japanese Cover)'
This is the song that plays when Turbo storms the Homecoming dance.

DVBBS - 'Raveghart'
This is what is playing at the dance right before it's revealed that the gender-neutral Homecoming royalty title is about to be announced.

Daybreak episode 6 songs:

Air Supply - 'Making Love Out Of Nothin' (cover) This is the song that Gary sings at American Ninja Idol before he is killed.

Rogue Wave - 'Love My Way'
This is the song playing when Josh kisses KJ.

Daybreak episode 7 songs:

Morrissey - 'Sing Your Life' 'Sing Your Life' is the song that plays during start of episode 7 in the sitcom opening credits.

Tessa Violet - 'Crush' 'Crush' by Tessa Violet is the song playing when Josh locks his friends out of the mall.

Langhorne Slim - 'Zombie' The song playing when The Witch rides her bike to find Angelica.

Girlfriends in a Coma -'Sing Your Life' (Morrissey cover)
This is what The Witch performs as a part of her band, Girlfriend in a Coma.

CONWAY - 'Woman' The song playing when The Witch is allowed to enter the Cheermazons.

Klaypex - 'Hava' The song playing when Eli tries to sneak back into the mall while Josh is coming up with a plan to rescue Sam.

Angelica and The Witch- Sing Your Life (Morrissey cover)
The song that Angelica and The Witch sing together.

Dream Wife feat Fever Dream - F.U.U. The song playing when the Cheermazon pledges have to fight the Santas.

Daybreak episode 8 songs:

Atomic Tom - Someone To Love The song playing with Josh and Sam go back to his house to hang out.

Sans Sebastian - 'Sous Ma Jupe (French Fox Remix)' The song that plays when Josh and Sam are going to have sex and he's showing her his new bedsheets and candle.

The Regrettes - 'Seashore' The song that plays after Sam and Josh fight and Sam takes off her shirt and they kiss on the couch.

Ra Ra Riot - 'Can You Tell' This is the song that's playing when Sam and Josh are eating food in his apartment.

Big Scary - 'Thinking About You'
This is the song playing when Sam rides away from Josh's house after he calls her a slut.

Daybreak episode 9 songs:

2Pac ft. Dr. Dre - 'California Love'
'California Love' is the first song that plays in episode 9.

Mary Hopkins - 'Que Sera, Sera' (Whatever Will Be, Will Be) The song playing as principal Burr is taking over the school again.

The Winning Again (Full Mix, Armenian) - Mikhail O. Johnson & Johnson & James Desmon & Robert Grant & Panauh Kalayeh
The song playing when Josh talks to Eli while he's on the massage chair.

The Shins - 'It's Only Life' This is the song playing when young Josh and Eli are bonging and realise they have things in common.

Cary Brothers - 'Things We Saw' The song playing when Eli is dying and Josh is holding him.

The New Pornographers - 'Adventures in Solitude' The song that plays after Josh's dad says he loves him and then he's back at school, sees Sam, and there's an explosion.

Daybreak episode 10 songs

Blue October feat. Imogen Heap - 'Congratulations'
This is the song playing when is Sam is writing mean post-it notes to Josh.

The Decemberists - 'Once In My Life' The song that plays when Josh has the flashbacks of everything he's been through since the apocalypse.

Harper Blynn - 'In Another Life' 'In Another Life' is what's playing when Ms. Crumble/The Witch decides to detonate the rocket and she's hugging Angelica.

Alt J - 'In Cold Blood (Baauer Remix)'
This is the song playing at the end of the finale when Sam Dean decides she wants to be the new leader. .