10 FIYAH Tracks From Empire That You’ll Be Playing For The Rest Of Forever

20 November 2015, 14:19 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

Welcome to the Empire!

If you're not already obsessed with this smash hit hip-hop soap opera, or trying to channel Cookie Lyon at every opportunity... then we're here to school you the Lyon way. Inviting Timbaland to be the executive music producer for Empire was kind of a little bit genius. (Like, what if half of these tracks were once being throwaways from sessions with Justin Timberlake and Missy Elliott!? WHAT IF?!)

Here's 10 songs from Season 1 and 2 that you NEED to be listening to, and they're all ranked in order of how much they just wanna make you turn up your music and BOUNCE. 

WARNING: This list is actual FIYAH.


10) No Doubt About It


Who performed it: Jussie Smollett ft. Pitbull
Episode: Season 2, Episode 3

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. That is the legendary Mr Worldwide. Empire Season 2 is really trying to get at those mainstream vibes, and this collab is an absolute banger. Can we put our trust in Pitbull to deliver this track to the dancefloors of clubs all around the world? DALE!


9) Born To Love U 


Who performed it: Yazz & Timbaland
Episode: Season 2, Episode 2

Do we detect Bieber vibes? We might be a little biased toward this one... It's produced and written by Jussie Smollett himself - seriously, how is he not a massive superstar yet?! And when that chorus kicks in? YAASS! 


8) Powerful


Who performed it: Jussie Smollett & Alicia Keyes
Episode: Season 2, Episode 9

OK, we've cheated on here because it doesn't officially air until November 25th BUT WHATEVER BECAUSE IT'S AMAZING. If you shut your eyes, it's like John Legend and Alicia Keys are sitting at a piano together, changing the world one lyrics at a time. No, we're not crying. Are you crying? *throws 5 Grammy's at it*


7) Snitch Bitch 


Who performed it: Terrence Howard & Petey Pablo
Episode: Season 2, Episode 2

THIS IS HOW YOU DO A DISS TRACK Y'ALL. If Taylor Swift wants to inject a bit of fire into her album then she should definitely give Lucious Lyon a quick call. Terrence Howard's rapping is enough to make all other rappers in the game look like an insignificant street rats. LOL.


6) No Apologies


Who performed it: Jussie Smollett & Yazz
Episode: Season 1, Episode 2

If you don't watch Empire, then one listen of this song will have you scrambling to watch the first episode. And it's got 'HYPE SONG' written all over it. Hit play and go forth and conquer, my boo boo kitties. 


5) You're So Beautiful


Who performed it: Jussie Smollett and Yazz
Episode: Season 1, Episode 9

FEEL GOOD TRACK ALERT! This one is a crowd pleaser... Your mum would dance to this song, even your crazy aunt would go NUTS for this track. Get it on your playlist immediately. #HowMuchUPay4It?!


4) Bad Girl 


Who performed it: Serayah McNeill & V Bozeman
Episode: Season 1, Episode 3

In loving memory of the Music Of Sun album... This one goes out to anyone that desperately misses those Carib-pop vibes that fell out of Rihanna's suitcase in 2006, somewhere near the Barbados Airport. *plays on repeat FOREVER*


3) Conqueror


Who performed it: Jussie Smollett & Estelle
Episode: Season 1, Episode 9

Anyone looking for some inspirational lyrics, chill beats and a big chorus needs to download this track immediately. It genuinely sounds like something that would destroy charts across the planet. 


2) What Is Love? 


Who performed it: Jussie Smollett ft. Pitbull
Episode: Season 1, Episode 1

20 seconds into this song and you can feel your soul being sold to Empire. How this is an original song for a TV show and not a genuine music release is beyond us?! Masterpiece!


1) Drip Drop


Who performed it: Yazz and Serayah McNeill
Episode: Season 1, Episode 5

First of all, if Tyga put this song out, it would be all up on your radio stations, all up on your TIDAL streaming services and you know it. Second, WHY ISN’T IT NUMBER ONE IN EVERY COUNTRY?! The hook will have you googling remedies to get annoying songs out of your head but every time you hear it, you just wanna start bopping. This is legit the most fire track on both seasons of Empire. 


We told y'all this list was FIYAH!

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