Once You See This Evan Peters "AHS" Meme... You'll Never Be Able To Unsee It

24 October 2016, 12:43 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 10:53

Evan Peters Spngebob Asset
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

Who lives in a Murder House under the sea?

Something WILD has happened on American Horror Story and we're not talking about that mind-blowing plot twist! Inspired by this INCREDIBLE meme that links Spongebob to AHS, we will NEVER be able to watch this show in the same way again. 

It all began with Evan's latest American Horror Story character, Edward Mott. 

Evan Peters Spongebob RoanokeNickelodeon / FX

After rocking up to Roanoke in a powdered wig and fancy get up, both Reddit and Tumblr were quick to jump on the similarities between Mott's and Spongebob's penchant for a good lace front. Honestly, we haven't been able to see anything OTHER than Spongebob since the memes dropped.

And incase you forgot, the EXACT same thing happened last year with Evan's fancy waiter serial killer James March on Hotel.

Evan Peters Spongebob HotelNickelodeon / FX

Pencil 'stache? Check. Suit with slinky cumberbund? Check. Bow tie? Check. Crazy habit of treating their guests badly? Check!

But it didn't stop there. There are similarities between Spongebob and *every single one* of his AHS characters.

Evan Peters Spongebob Freak ShowNickelodeon / FX

Mr Krabs? Say no mo...

Not even Kyle Spencer made it out of the Meme Hell-scape alive...

Evan Peters Spongebob CovenNickelodeon / FX

WHY *claps* IS *claps* THIS *claps* SO *claps* ACCURATE?!


Evan Peters Spongebob AsylumNickelodeon / FX

"Kit! Carry me to Briarcliff and NEVER LOOK BAAAACK!"


Evan Peters Spongebob Murder HouseNickelodeon / FX

Who is junglejim4322@yahoo.com?

So wait... What if Spongebob has been influencing Ryan Murphy's writing and character development after all these years? 


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