15 Fake Awards That Every "Grey's Anatomy" Fan Deserves To Win

7 November 2016, 16:01 | Updated: 2 February 2018, 10:42

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Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

HINT: Just like the doctors on the show, you won’t be winning a Harper Avery award... EVER.

Anyone who has ever had to endure the emotional rollercoaster of watching Grey's Anatomy deserves all sorts of medals, awards and trophies. Sadly, they don't actually exist so we took the liberty of making up some fake ones. Take as many as you qualify for. We've already got all 15 imaginary awards on display in our office.  

1) The 'You heard "Chasing Cars" playing on the radio and didn’t burst into tears' Award

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Congratulations to you!  

2) The 'Binge-watched twelve seasons in six days marathon' Award

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How you managed to put yourself through all that trauma and live to see the light of day is beyond us! So brave. So inspiring. 

3) The 'Resisted the urge to angry tweet Shonda after every episode' Award

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It takes a lot of inner strength to stop yourself from doing that. Proud of you!

4) The 'Survived McDreamy-gate 2015' Award

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And we'll never speak of it again. Now take your award and GTFO.

5) The 'Master Fake Surgeon Status' Award

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Meaning you can reel off the name of any patient across the twelve seasons of the show, recite what was wrong with them and the outcome. Oh, and you could probably perform a basic surgery if you needed to.

6) The 'Made it through a re-watch of the season 2 finale without crying' Award

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Self-explanatory... we don't need to revisit it, do we?

7) The 'Made it through a re-watch of the season 5 finale without crying' Award

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Same as above. 

8) The 'Made it through a re-watch of the season 8 finale without crying' Award

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Same as above again.

9) The 'Life After Slexie' Award 

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This definitely deserves a medal. Can't believe we've actually survived this long, tbh.

10) The 'Made five of my friends start watching it and now they hate me' Award

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If I'm going down, YOU'RE COMING DOWN WITH ME!

11) The 'I Will Go Down With This Ship' Award 

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To all those we've shipped and lost, this award is dedicated to you! *pours one out*

12) The 'I Survived 12 and half seasons of this hell-scape and I'm still watching' Award 

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She may take our favourite characters, but she will never take our fandom! 

13) The 'I Dedicate This Award To Meredith' Award 

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She has been through ENOUGH, you hear me? E-N-O-U-G-H!

14) The 'Yaaaas! My Favourite Character Isn’t Dead' Award

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...Protect Dr Bailey at all costs. 

15) The Denny Duquette Award (For Bravery In The Face Of Danger) 

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I just really wanted to see Denny’s face again tbh.

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