17 Things You Should NEVER Say To A "Grey's Anatomy" Fan

3 March 2016, 17:22 | Updated: 2 February 2018, 10:43

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Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith


Contrary to popular and irrelevant beliefs, Grey’s Anatomy is still LIT. Emmy winning performances are churned out week after week and yet everyone still seems to have been sleeping on the show since 2007.

Grey's Anatomy fans are very passionate and temperamental people. We’re sensitive for we have been destroyed and built up more times than a Lego house at the mercy of a 4 year old. So just incase you have a friend or family member that is still stuck on this torturous carousel - or indeed if you’d just like to send a memo out to all your friends around finale time - then this PSA is for you.

1) "How is this show still on air!?!"

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Ok but how is The Big Bang Theory still on air?! Huh? HUH? 

2) "That show hasn’t been good since Season 3."

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Alright, listen... Season 4 was trash. The first half of Season 8 was forgettable but don’t come in here acting like the end of Season 6 wasn’t one of the best finales of TV you’ve ever seen. 

3) "I literally didn't even cry when Denny died."

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4) "That show lost all credibility when they started banging ghosts."

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Season 5 was a dark time... and TBQFH, we've seen much worse ghost storylines. 

5) "Isn't everyone on that show dead now?"

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6) "Ugh, Jackson isn't even that hot."

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Delete yourself. 

7) "This is literally the most unrealistic show I’ve ever seen in my life."

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Please, tell me how realistic all your favourite Vampire shows are. I'm DYING to know. 

8) "I’m so glad they killed off Lexie."

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*screams through tears* DON'T EVER TALK TO ME AGAIN!

9) "Isn’t time they killed off Dr Bailey?"

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I DARE you to say that to my face again.

10) "God, Cristina was so whiny, who does she think she is?! I’m glad she’s gone."

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Ok... first of all no. And second of all... NO.

11) "My god… Alex Karev is the WORRRST." 

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*stops what im doing* *pulls out laptop* *sets up overhead projector* *opens file called 'Karev's Unproblematic Receipts* YOU WERE SAYING? 

12) "I honestly don’t think there’s anything special about Addison."

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Here's £200 and a number for a taxi. Get in, and literally get as far away from me as possible.

13) "Remember when George got hit by that b---?"

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14) "Meredith and Alex should totally be together."

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There's a line. And you just crossed it. 

15) "Shonda Rhimes makes such good decisions, doesn’t she?"

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*forced laughter* GOOD ONE.

16) "Callie and Arizona are better off without each other anyway."

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17) [grabs the AUX cord] "Hey, do you mind if I put on some Snow Patrol?"

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