16 Savage Memes Everyone Who's Ever Watched "Grey's Anatomy" Will Understand

9 March 2017, 14:55 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Grey's Anatomy Memes
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

"Watch Grey's Anatomy they said; it'll be fun they said."

Grey's Anatomy has officially been round long enough to have its own little sub category in meme culture. And each one is as savage as the next. Can you make it through this list without having an emotional breakdown? We barely made it, tbh.

1) Every single year, Shonda manages to trick you into thinking this season will be different.


2) She's lied 13 years in a row.  


3) In fact, after 13 seasons you've got your open letter to Shonda Rhimes down to an art.



4) Oh god, remember this episode? *chasing cars plays in the background*


5) So many continued years of trauma can really damage a person.

Grey's Anatomy Memevia ellenpombaeo.tumblr.com

6) But it can also turn you into the world's best fake surgeon with absolutely zero medical experience.


7) Grey's Anatomy: A Starter Pack


8) You know, usually this would be hilarious but the pain and accuracy hurts too much.

Grey's Anatomy Meme 2via allthetruthme.tumblr.com

9) Every single time someone asks what happened in this week's episode...


10) If you ever got arrested, this is the exact scenario you'd go to jail for.


11) You've persuaded all of your friends to start watching the show...

Grey's Anatomy Meme 4via lostinmygaimagination.tumblr.com


12) And then immediately started fearing for your friendships.




14) We've loved and lost so many characters...

Grey's Anatomy Meme 3via last-bi-in-town.tumblr.com

15) At least we still have Meredith, right?


16) RIGHT? 


via giphy.com

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