12 "Grey's Anatomy" Songs Ranked By How Much They Destroyed Your Life

5 May 2016, 16:20 | Updated: 2 February 2018, 10:43

Greys Music Moments
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

SOMEBODY SEDATE ME! (Also... Spoilers!)

Can we just have a moment to talk about the music in Grey's Anatomy please? Ever since the first episode waaaaay back when, we've been introduced to AMAZING artists, and cool indie tunes that may have otherwise slipped under our radar. But we've also had a sh*t ton of really great songs RUINED forever by this FREAAAAKIN' TV Show... Let's relive it all, shall we?


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12) 'Keep Breathing' by Ingrid Michaelson

ABC / via giphy.com

Remember when: Burke left Cristina at the altar and then she went back to his apartment to find he had left and then she cried and then she couldn't get out of her wedding dress and then Meredith had to cut her out of the wedding dress and then we were sad. :(

Cry Factor: 1/5... It was hella sad but like, she was free, y'know? She was finally free. *single tear falls down cheek*

11) 'Where Does The Good Go' by Tegan And Sara

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Remember when: Meredith and Cristina had one last 'dance it out' session and they played this song and it was so freakin' bittersweet and then she left and then our lives were meaningless. 

Cry factor: 1.5/5... crying, mostly because they ruined a happy song from Season 1 and left us with so. many. feels.

10) 'Total Eclipse Of The Heart' - Jill Andrews

ABC / via giphy.com

Remember when: April was about to marry Matthew but she was low-key in love with Jackson and then he stood up in the middle of their wedding and declared his love. Ugh. Help. 

Cry factor: 2/5... be still our little broken Japril hearts.

9) 'Kiss Me' by Ed Sheeran

ABC / via giphy.com

Remember when: Ben and Bailey were having their first dance and Webber was watching and then Meredith showed up and he told her Adele had died and like honestly, we just can't right now.


8) 'Skin' by Zola Jesus

ABC / via giphy.com

Remember when: Henry died and then he was just lying there on the table and Teddy was just like hella sad. Plz no. 

Cry factor: 3/5... uhhhhh. We're still crying. 

7) 'Off I Go' by Greg Laswell

ABC / via giphy.com

Remember when: Izzie was waiting at the elevator for the doors to open and they opened and then George was standing in the elevator and everyone was like WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTT???????? 

Cry Factor: 3.5/5... every time we think we're over it, we're definitely not. 

6) 'Breathe 2AM' - Anna Nalick

ABC / via giphy.com

Remember when: THERE WAS A BOMB??!  

Cry factor: 4/5... SCREAMS MORE LIKE. 

5) 'In My Veins' by Andrew Belle

ABC / via giphy.com

Remember when: There was a shooter in the hospital and Percy got shot and Bailey was trying to save him but he was dying and she tried to get him down to an OR but the elevators had stopped working and she had to let him die, along with our hopes and dreams.

Cry factor: 5/5... There is literally no water left in our bodies to even think about producing tears at this point. 

4) 'All I Want' by Kodaline

ABC / via giphy.com

Remember when: Mark Sloan. Nope. We don't wanna. 

Cry factor: 10,000/5... we haven't listened to Kodaline since. 

3) 'Chasing Cars' by The Wind And The Wave

ABC / via giphy.com

Remember when: Don't.

Cry factor: Push two of epi, STAT.

2) 'Chasing Cars' by Sleeping At Last

ABC / via giphy.com

Remember when: WE SAID DON'T.

Cry factor: Charge to 300. Clear.

1) 'Chasing Cars' by Snow Patrol

ABC / via giphy.com

Remember when: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Cry factor: Time of death... 

Have fun trying to get over this one. Bye.

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